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J. Emerson Tennent
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[Footnote 1:  See SIR J. EMERSON TENNET’s Ceylon, &c., vol. ii. p. 496.]

[Footnote 2:  CUV. and VAL., vol. iii. p. 363.  In addition to the two fishes above named, a loche Cobitis thermalis, and a carp, Nuria thermoicos, were found in the hot-springs of Kannea, at a heat 40 deg.  Cent., 114 deg.  Fahr., and a roach, Leuciscus thermalis, when the thermometer indicated 50 deg.  Cent, 122 deg.  Fahr.—­Ib. xviii. p. 59, xvi. p. 182, xvii. p. 94.  Fish have been taken from a hot spring at Pooree when the thermometer stood at 112 deg.  Fahr., and as they belonged to a carnivorous genus, they must have found prey living in the same high temperature.—­Journ.  Asiatic Soc. of Beng. vol. vi. p. 465.  Fishes have been observed in a hot spring at Manila which raises the thermometer to 187 deg., and in another in Barbary, the usual temperature of which is 172 deg.; and Humboldt and Bonpland, when travelling in South America, saw fishes thrown up alive from a volcano, in water that raised the temperature to 210 deg., being two degrees below the boiling point.  PATTERSON’S Zoology, Pt. ii. p. 211; YARRELL’S History of British Fishes, vol. i.  In. p. xvi.]

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List of Ceylon Fishes.

In the following list, the Acanthopterygian fishes of Ceylon has been prepared for me by Dr. GUeNTHER, and will be found the most complete which has appeared of this order.  I am also indebted to him for the correction of the list of Malacopterygians, which I hope ere long to render still more extended, as well as that of the Cartilaginous fishes.



  Myripristis murdjan, Forsk
  Holocentrum rubrum, Forsk.
     spiniferum, Forsk.
     diadema, Lacep.

PERCIDAE, Guenther. Lates calcarifer, _Bl._
  Serranus louti, _Forsk_.
     pachycentrum, _C. & V._
     guttatus, _Bl._
     Sonneratii, _C. & V._
     angularis, _C.& V._
     marginalis, _Bl._
     hexagonatis, _Forsk_.
     flavocoeruleus, _Lacep_.
     biguttatus, _C. & V._
     lemniscatus, _C. & V._
     Amboinensis, _Bleek_.
     boenak, _C. & V._
  Grammistes orientalis, _Bl._
  Genyoroge Sebae, _C. & V._
     Bengalensis, _C. & V._
     marginata, _C. & V._
     rivulata, _C. & V._
     gibba, _Forsk_.
     spilura, _Benn_. 
  Mesoprion aurolineatus, _C. & V._
     rangus, _C. & V._
     quinquelineatus, _Ruepp_. 
     Johnii, _Bl._
     annularis, _C. & V._
  ?Priacanthus Blochii, _Bleek_. 
  Ambassis n. sp., _Guenth_. 
     Commersonii, _C. & V._
     thermalis, _C. & V._
  Apogon Ceylonicus, _C. & V._
     thermalis, _C. & V._
     annularis, _Ruepp_.  Var. roseipinnis. 
  Chilodipterus quinquelineatus, _C. & V._

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