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Whilst Mr. and Mrs. Powis were travelling through Italy, he apply’d to his friend the Lord-Lieutenant,—­and by that interest was appointed to the government of ——.  It was here my acquaintance with them commenc’d:  not that I suspected Miss Glinn to be Mrs. Powis, though I saw her every day.—­Glinn was a name she assum’d ’till she returned to England.—­A thousand little circumstances which render’d her character unsuspected, I want spirits to relate.—­Suffice it to say,—­the death of Mrs. Whitmore;—­a daughter passing on the world for an orphan;—­and the absence of Lady Mary Sutton;—­made them resolve to hazard every thing rather than leave their child unprotected.—­Alas! for what are they come home?

Nothing is impossible with a Supreme Being.—­Lord Darcey may recover.—­But why this ray of hope to make the horrors of my mind more dreadful?—­He is past hope, you say.—­



The Honourable George Molesworth to Richard Risby, Esq;


Risby, I am lifted above myself!—­I am overcome with surprise!—­I am mad with joy!—­Is it possible!—­can it be!—­But Lord Darcey’s servant has swore it;—­yes, he has swore, a letter directed in Miss Powis’s own hand, lay on the counter in a banker’s shop where he went to change a bill:  the direction was to Lady Mary Sutton:—­he has put many for the same Lady into the post-office.—­I run, I ride or rather fly to town.

You may jump, you may sing, but command your features before the family.—­Should it be a mistake of John’s, we kill them twice.

If I live to see the resurrection of our hopes, John shall be with you instantly.—­On second thought, I will not dispatch this, unless we have a bless’d certainty.



The Honourable George Molesworth to the same.


Are you a mile from the Abbey, Dick?—­Are you out of sight,—­out of hearing?—­John, though you should offer to kill him, dare not deliver letter or message ’till you are at a proper distance.

Miss Powis lives!—­Restore peace within the walls.—­As I hope to be pardon’d for my sins, I have seen, I have spoke to her.—­She lives!—­Heavenly sound! it should be convey’d to them from above.—­She lives! let me again repeat it.—­Proclaim the joyful tidings:—­but for particulars have patience ’till I return to the man, to the friend my life is bound up in.—­I have seen him in every stage.  Brightest has he shone, as the taper came nearer to an end.—­The rich cordial must be administered one drop at a time.—­Observe the caution.



Captain Risby to the Honourable George Molesworth.

Barford Abby.

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