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It is quite surprising and humiliating that other things can be discussed and settled as international affairs, before education.  Yet you have hundreds of things regulated by international laws, and among these hundred things education is net yet reckoned.  You have the International Institution of the Red Cross, international laws on trade, fishery, travel, copyright, political crimes, barbarities in war-time, &c.  But this war shows quite clearly that education—­before anything else—­should be a matter of international consideration and regulation.  Behold, how illusory are all international restrictions when the education of a nation is quite excluded from any control!  When the Nitzschean education of Germany teaches the German youth to despise all neighbours, all nations and races as inferior ones, how could you expect the Germans to respect the laws and regulations about Belgium, and submarines—­and Zeppelin-warfare, and use of the dum-dum bullets and of poisonous gases?

If there is anything to be learned from this war it is doubtless this:  The education of youth in all the countries of the world must become an international affair of the very first importance.


The Russian Tsar suggested the Peace Conference of The Hague.  Mr. Carnegie built a wonderful Hall of Peace there, formed several commissions for the investigation of war cruelties during the Balkan Wars, and founded many public libraries for the instruction of the poor.  The noble Nobel left his big fortune for the support of the best works of literature or science having as their aim the general good of mankind.  If I were either the Russian Tsar or Mr. Carnegie or Professor Nobel I would do neither of the three mentioned things, but I would give suggestions and material support to an International Board of Education.

That is the point to start with in the consolidation of the World.  I am sorry to say that no one of these three great friends of mankind listens to the prophetic words of Christ:  Let children come unto me! and that no one thought that no great social reform and no real philanthropic foundation of mankind is possible to realise—­yea, even to start—­otherwise than through the children.  The Peace Conference, being rather a law court than anything else, is beaten by the uncontrolled warlike education of the German nation.  Carnegie’s books have been read by grown-up people who had already got a direction in life, and Carnegie’s Hall of Peace in The Hague is still an office without business.  Nobel’s prize was given also to some German professors who are responsible for the new pedagogy in Germany.


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