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(1) Stand erect in a military attitude, head up, eyes front, shoulders back, knees stiff, hands at sides. (2) Raise body slowly on toes, inhaling a complete breath, steadily and slowly. (3) Retain the breath for a few seconds, maintaining the same position. (4) Slowly sink the first position at the same time slowly exhaling the air through the nostrils. (5) Practise cleansing breath. (6) Repeat several times, varying by using right leg alone, then left leg alone.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Inhale a complete breath and retain. (3) Bend forward slightly and grasp a stick or cane steadily and firmly, and gradually exerting your entire strength upon the grasp. (4) Relax the grasp, return to first position, and slowly exhale. (5) Repeat several times. (6) Finish with the cleansing breath. (N.  B.—­The above are from the Yoga Teachings.)


Retire into the silence.  Say:  I AM FEARLESS.  Concentrate calmly on that idea.  Think it out in all its bearings.  See yourself in your mind’s eye as possessing the desired quality and acting it out in actual life.  Let your mind indulge in a good, strongly-dramatized day-dream.  Only insist upon its sticking to the particular text of thought and always showing you successful at the end.  Finish up with a vigorous affirmation of the “I am.”  Practise at the same hour daily for 6 months at least.

Exercise No.  II.

Retire into the silence.  Concentrate earnestly thus:  I send out strong, positive, healing thought-waves of love to all mankind.  Let the disease-ridden become healthy.  Let the weak become strong.  Let the needy ones become prosperous and happy.  Let the fearful ones become filled with courage.  Let the cruel become kind and merciful.  Let the hateful and hating ones become loving.  Let the impure ones become pure.  Let the bereaved, deserted, sorrow-stricken ones become soothed and comforted.

Picture to yourself strong waves of Thought-Force passing out of you and encircling the whole world.  Picture the world as peopled with men and women manifesting the desired conditions.

The more friends sit together in union of will and soul concentrating as above-indicated the better.  Practise alone if you can find no earnest and serious-minded ones to join you.

Believe in your power to so help humanity.  The power of thought is unlimited.  In blessing others bless yourself.  The effect of this exercise will be far-reaching.  It shall follow and be a blessing to you even after death.  Practise regularly at the same place and time as far as possible.

Be earnest in your work.

Do not talk of your exercises to others.

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