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in “Long Ago in San Joaquin,” in Sunset Magazine.

  In a year, in a year, when the grapes are ripe,
    I shall stay no more away—­
  Then if you still are true, my love,
    It will be our wedding day.

  In a year, in a year, when my time is past—­
    Then I’ll live in your love for aye. 
  Then if you still are true, my love,
    It will be our wedding day.



Had California owed her settlement and civic life wholly to the vanguard of that pioneer host, which ... pressed steadily westward to Kansas and the Rockies, the Golden State would not have today that literary flavor that renders her in a measure a unique figure among the western states of the country.

in California and Californians in Literature.


All things are but material reflections of mental images.  This is realized in picture and statue in temple and machine.  The picture is but a faint representation of the picture in the soul of painter.  He did his best to catch it with brush and canvas.  Had it not existed for him before the brush was in his hand, it would never have been painted. * * * Concentration is the only mental attitude under which mental images (ideals) shape themselves into the material life.  As long as you hold an ideal before you that long is it shaping itself into your body, your business and into your social life.  When you change your ideal then the new begins to shape itself.  Have you, like the sculptor, held to one till it carves itself “into the marble real?” Or have you taken the life-block and placed it into the hands of an Ideal today, another tomorrow, and another next day, till you have as many ideals as you have days? * * * Is not your life a composite of all these, not one complete?  Concentration means holding to one ideal until your objective life becomes that mental picture.  Thus it is true:  I am that which I think myself to be.

in Concentration:  The Road to Success.


The process which we call evolution is the return of the atom to God, or the extension of consciousness in the growing creation, and this process which unifies all that exists or can exist in our world is the working out of the One Purpose and Plan by the One Power.  This is what we mean by the Spiritual Constitution of the Universe, and in the light of this thought every person, animal, plant and mineral, every atom and all force, all events and circumstances and conditions and objects are more or less intelligent and conscious expressions of the One Purpose and the One Life.  Man is thus led to count nothing human foreign to him, and his inner eyes open to perceive Truth, Goodness and Beauty everywhere.

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