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ARCHER, RUBY, b. Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 28, 1873. Ed. Kansas City High School and private tutors.  Contributor of poems, translations from French and German dramas and lyrics, prose articles on Art, Architecture, Music, Biblical Literature, Philosophy, etc., for papers and magazines. Author: Little Poems. $1.25.  Thought Awakening. $1.00. Address: R.F.D.  No. 8, Box 11-A, Los Angeles, Calif. (The Studio is at Granada Park, on the Covina Electric Line.)

AUSTIN, MARY. Author: The Land of Little Rain, an account of the California Desert. $2.00.  The Basket Woman, a book of Indian myths and fanciful tales for children. $1.50.  Isidro, a romance of Mission days. $1.50.  The Flock, an account of the shepherd industry of California. $2.00.  Santa Lucia, a novel. $1.50.  Lost Borders, the people of the desert. Address: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, or care of Harper Bros., New York.

BAMFORD, MARY ELLEN, b. Healdsburg, Calif. Author: Up and Down the Brooks.  Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 75c.  Her Twenty Heathen.  Pilgrim Press. 50c.  My Land and Water Friends.  D. Lothrop & Co.  The Look About Club.  D. Lothrop & Co.  Second Year of the Look About Club.  D. Lothrop & Co.  Janet and Her Father.  Congregational S.S. & Pub.  Soc.  Marie’s Story.  Congregational S.S. & Pub.  Soc.  Miss Millie’s Trying.  Hunt & Eaton.  Number One or Number Two.  Hunt & Eaton.  A Piece of Kitty Hunter’s Life.  Hunt & Eaton.  Father Lambert’s Family.  Phillips & Hunt.  Thoughts of My Dumb Neighbors.  Phillips & Hunt.  Eleanor and I. Congregational S.S. & Pub.  Soc.  Talks by Queer Folks.  D. Lothrop Co.  Jessie’s Three Resolutions.  Am.  Bap.  Pub.  Soc.  In Editha’s Days.  Am.  Baptist Pub.  Soc.  Three Roman Girls.  Am.  Baptist Pub.  Soc.  Out of the Triangle.  D.C.  Cook Pub.  Co. 25c.  Ti:  A Story of San Francisco’s Chinatown.  D.C.  Cook Co. 25c.  The Denby Children at the Fair.  D.C.  Cook Co. Address: 621 E. 15th St., East Oakland, Calif.

BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE, b. May 5, 1832, Granville, Ohio. Ed. Granville Academy until sixteen years of age.  Clerk in bookstore in Buffalo, N.Y.  Came to San Francisco March, 1852.  While building up a large book-selling and publishing house, Mr. Bancroft worked for 30 years on the colossal history which bears his name, issued in Vols. as follows:  The Native Races of the Pacific States, 5 vols.  History of Central America, 3 vols.  History of Mexico, 6 vols.  North Mexican States and Texas, 2 vols.  California, 7 vols.  Arizona and New Mexico, 1 vol.  Colorado and Wyoming, 1 vol.  Utah and Nevada, 1 vol.  Northwest Coast, 2 vols.  Oregon, 2 vols.  Washington, Idaho and Montana, 1 vol.  British Columbia, 1 vol.  Alaska, 1 vol.  California Pastoral, 1 vol.  California Inter Pocula, 1 vol.  Popular Tribunals, 2 vols.  Essays and Miscellany, 1 vol.  Literary Industries, 1 vol.  Also Book of the Fair, Book of Wealth, Resources of Mexico, The New Pacific, etc. Address: 2898 Jackson St., San Francisco.

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