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“Your highness’s orders shall be obeyed,” replied the jeweler respectfully.  “Does your highness merely wish the coat of arms upon the seal, or would you like a motto added?”

“Yes, master, a motto shall be added, to run thus, ’Lord, make known to me the way in which I should go.’  Will you write it down, master, that you may not forget it?”

“Your Electoral Highness, it is not necessary, for you have impressed it on my heart.”

“Go then, master, and inscribe it for me right plainly on the stone.”

The Elector turned to Baron Leuchtmar von Kalkhun as soon as the jeweler had taken his departure, saying, “Now for you, friend, and our plans of government.”


“Yes, friend, I want to discuss government affairs with you,” continued the Elector, with a faint smile, sinking back in the armchair before the writing table.  “Sit down, Leuchtmar, quite close to me, for I shall now disclose to you what no other mortal ear must hear; I shall reveal to you my thoughts and plans.  Man is, after all, but a weak and tender creature, and it is a necessity with him to have some trusted soul on whom he can rely for sympathy, and to whom he can tell all that moves his inner being.  To me, Leuchtmar, you are that trusted soul, and in this hour I will make known to you the inmost recesses of my heart.  You shall learn who I am, what I think, and what are my aspirations, that you may always comprehend and appreciate me, standing with ever-ready succor at my side.  For I hope you have no engagements elsewhere, and from this moment enter my service?”

“I have hitherto lived in quiet and retirement at Cologne on the Rhine, waiting for the hour which should summon me to my gracious master’s presence, for you are the only Sovereign upon earth whom I would serve, and to you belong my being, thoughts, and all that in me is of energy and skill.”

“I have counted on you, Leuchtmar, and well I knew that my reliance would not be in vain.  You must aid and sustain me, for I stand in urgent need of wise friends, of diligent, faithful workers, in order to gain the goal which I have placed before me in the future, and to execute the schemes which I have planned.  In the first place, Leuchtmar, do you know properly who I am?”

“Yes, your highness,” replied Leuchtmar, smiling.  “I think I know right well.  You are the youthful hero, the Hercules to whom the gods have committed the twelve difficult tasks, that he may prove himself a demi-god, and who now begins his work with the zeal of courage and the inspiration of faith.”

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