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XII.  Report of a Cruizing Voyage to the Azores in 1581, by a fleet of London ships sent with supplies to the Lord Thomas Howard.  Written by Captain Robert Flicke.

XIII.  Exploits of the English in several Expeditions and cruizing Voyages from 1589 to 1592; extracted from John Huighen van Linschoten.

XIV.  Cruising voyage to the Azores, in 1592, by Sir John Burrough, knight.

XV.  The taking of two Spanish Ships, laden with quicksilver and the Popes bulls, in 1592, by Captain Thomas White.

XVI.  Narrative of the Destruction of a great East India Carak in 1584, written by Captain Nicholas Downton.

XVII.  List of the Royal Navy of England at the demise of Queen Elizabeth.

CHAP IX.  Early Voyages of the English to the East Indies, before the establishment of an exclusive company.

Sect.  I. Voyage to Goa in 1579, in the Portuguese fleet, by Thomas Stevens.


II.  Journey to India over-land, by Ralph Fitch, Merchant of London, and others, in 1583.

III.  Supplement to the Journey of Fitch No. 1.—­Letter from Mr John Newbery to Mr Richard Hakluyt of Oxford, Author of the Voyages, &c.

No. 2,—­Letter from Mr John Newbery to Mr Leonard Poore of London.

3.—­Letter from Mr John Newbery to the same.

4.—­Letter from John Newbery to Messrs John Eldred and William Scales at Basora.

5.—­Letter from Mr John Newbery to Messrs Eldred and Scales.

6.—­Letter from Mr Newbery to Mr Leonard Poore.

7.—­Letter from Mr Ralph Fitch to Mr Leonard Poore.

8.—­The Report of John Huighen, &c.

general history and collection
of voyages and travels.

* * * * *


* * * * *

Continuation of the discoveries and conquests of the Portuguese in the east; together with some account of the early voyages Of other European nations to India.

* * * * *


Continuation of the Portuguese transactions in India, after the return of Don Stephano de Gama from Suez in 1541, to the Reduction of Portugal under the dominion of Spain in 1581.


Account of an Expedition of the Portuguese from India to Madagascar in 1613.

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