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Robert Kerr (writer)
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Chap.  IV.  Continued.

Sect.  XIII.  Account of an expedition of the Portuguese from India to Madagascar in 1613.

XIV.  Continuation of the transactions of the Portuguese in India, from 1617 to 1640:  and the conclusion of the Portuguese Asia of Manuel de Faria.

XV.  Occurrences in Pegu, Martavan, Pram, Siam, and other places.

XVI.  A short account of the Portuguese possessions between the Cape of Good Hope and China.

Chap.  V. Voyages and Travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Persia, and India.  By Ludovico Verthema, in 1503.


Sect.  I Of the Navigation from Venice to Alexandria in Egypt, and from thence to Damascus in Syria.

II.  Of the City of Damascus.

Chap.  V. Sect.  III.  Of the Journey from Damascus to Mecca, and of the
Manners of the Arabians.

IV.  Observations of the Author during his residence at Mecca.

V. Adventures of the Author in various parts of Arabia Felix, or Yemen.

VI.  Observations of the Author relative to some parts of Persia.

VII.  Observations of the Author on various parts of India.

VIII.  Account of the famous City and Kingdom of Calicut.

IX.  Observations on various parts of India.

X. Continuation of the Authors Adventures, after his return to Calicut.

XI.  Account of a memorable Battle between the Mahometan Navy of Calicut and the Portuguese.

XII.  Navigation of the Author to Ethiopia, and return to Europe by Sea.

Chap.  VI.  Voyages and Travels of Cesar Frederick in India.


Sect.  I. Voyage from Venice to Bir in Asia Minor.

II.  Of Feluchia and Babylon.

III.  Of Basora.

IV.  Of Ormuz.

V. Of Goa, Diu, and Cambaya.

VI.  Of Damann, Bassen, Tana, Chaul, and some other places.

VII.  Of Goa.

VIII.  Of the City of Bijanagur.

IX.  Of Cochin.

X. Of the Pearl Fishery in the Gulf of Manaar.

XI.  Of the Island of Ceylon.

XII.  Of Negapatam.

XIII.  Of Saint Thome and other places.

XIV.  Of the Island of Sumatra and the City of Malacca.

XV.  Of the City of Siam.

XVI.  Of the Kingdom of Orissa and the River Ganges.

XVII.  Of Tanasserim and other places.

Sect.  XVIII.  Of Martaban and the Kingdom of Pegu.

XIX.  Voyages of the Author to different parts of India.

XX.  Some Account of the Commodities of India.

XXI.  Return of the Author to Europe.

Chap.  VII.  Early English Voyages to Guinea, and other parts of the West
Coast of Africa.


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