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Waffles may be served for breakfast, luncheon, supper or high tea.  A waffle iron should fit closely on range, be well heated on one side, turned, heated on other side, and thoroughly greased with Crisco before iron is filled.  In filling, put tablespoonful of mixture in each compartment near the center of iron, cover, and mixture will spread to fill iron.  If sufficiently heated, it should be turned almost as soon as filled and covered.  In using new iron, special care must be taken in greasing, or waffles will stick.

Sufficient for six waffles.

White Cookies

2 cupfuls sugar 1 cupful Crisco 1/2 cupful thick sour milk 2 eggs 1 teaspoonful baking soda 1 teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoonful lemon extract Flour

Cream Crisco and sugar together, add eggs well beaten, soda mixed with sour milk, salt, extracts, and about 5 cupfuls flour.  Roll very thin, cut with cookie cutter, lay on Criscoed tins, bake in moderately hot oven five minutes.  To keep any length of time, when cold, place in covered tin cans and set in cool place, and they will be as crisp as when first baked.

Sufficient for ninety cookies.

Yorkshire Fruit Loaves

2 lbs. flour 3/4 cupful Crisco 1 teaspoonful salt 2 cupfuls milk 1 yeast cake 1 cupful sugar 1 cupful sultana raisins 1 cupful currants 1/2 cupful seeded raisins 1/2 cupful chopped candied citron peel 1 teaspoonful powdered ginger 1/2 teaspoonful powdered mace

Heat Crisco in milk, then cool and add yeast cake mixed with a little sugar; stir in flour and salt, and allow to rise four hours.  Mix sugar, fruit, peel, and spices into risen dough.  Let rise again then divide into two Criscoed loaf tins.  Allow to rise fifteen minutes, then bake in moderate oven one and a half hours.

Sufficient for two medium-sized loaves.

Water Bread

2 cupfuls boiling water 2 tablespoonfuls Crisco 1 tablespoonful sugar 2 teaspoonfuls salt 1/4 yeast cake dissolved in 1/4 cupful lukewarm water About six cupfuls sifted flour

Mix Crisco, sugar and salt, pour on boiling water; when lukewarm add dissolved yeast cake.  Stir in enough flour to make a batter; beat well, then add more flour, a little at a time to make stiff dough, mixing with a knife.  Turn on a floured board; knead until it is smooth, elastic and does not stick to the board.  Put into a bowl greased with Crisco, cover closely and let stand in a warm place over night.  The first thing in the morning knead again until fine grained; shape into loaves and place in a warm pan greased with Crisco.  Cover and put in a warm place.  When double in bulk, bake in a hot oven.  Bake one hour.


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