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For brown sauce. Melt 3 tablespoonfuls Crisco, add 1 chopped onion, piece of carrot, 2 mushrooms, and fry a good brown color; stir in 2 tablespoonfuls flour and fry it also; then add 1 cupful stock or water and few drops of kitchen boquet.  Let all cook ten minutes, stirring constantly add seasoning of salt and pepper, and strain for use.

Sufficient for 6 slices.

Fried Chicken


Select young tender chickens and disjoint.  Wash carefully and let stand over night in refrigerator.


(Kate B. Vaughn)

Drain chicken but do not wipe dry.  Season with salt and white pepper and dredge well with flour.  Fry in deep Crisco hot enough to brown a crumb of bread in sixty seconds.  It requires from ten to twelve minutes to fry chicken.  Drain and place on a hot platter garnished with parsley and rice croquettes.


(Kate B. Vaughn)

Make batter of 1 cupful flour, 1 teaspoonful salt, 2 grains white pepper, 1/2 cupful water, 2 well beaten eggs, and 1 tablespoonful melted Crisco.  Have kettle of Crisco hot enough to turn crumb of bread a golden brown in sixty seconds.  Drain chicken but do not dry.  Dip each joint separately in batter and fry in the Crisco until golden brown.  It should take from ten to twelve minutes.  Serve on a folded napkin garnished with parsley.


(Kate B. Vaughn)

Drain chicken but do not wipe dry.  Season with salt and white pepper and dredge well with flour.  Put three tablespoonfuls Crisco in frying pan and when hot place chicken in pan; cover, and allow to steam for ten minutes.  Uncover, and allow chicken to brown, taking care to turn frequently.  Serve on hot platter, garnished with parsley and serve with cream gravy.


Select medium-sized chickens and wash well, then cut into neat pieces and season them.  Mix 1 cupful cornmeal with 1 cupful flour, 1 tablespoonful salt and 1 tablespoonful black pepper.  Dip each piece in mixture and fry in hot Crisco twelve minutes.  Drain and serve with cornmeal batter bread.


Wash young chicken, cut into neat pieces, dust with salt, pepper, and flour, and fry in hot Crisco twelve minutes.  Drain, place on hot platter, pour over it 1/2 pint hot sweet cream, sprinkle over with chopped hot roasted peanuts, little salt and pepper.

Fried Chicken, Mexican Style

1 tender chicken Salt and pepper to taste 1 clove garlic 1 seeded green pepper 2 large tomatoes 5 tablespoonfuls Crisco Corn croquettes

  For Croquettes

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