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Braised Loin of Mutton

3 lbs. loin mutton 3 tablespoonfuls Crisco 1 celery stalk 1/2 teaspoonful whole white peppers 1 bunch sweet herbs Salt, pepper, and red pepper to taste 1 turnip 1 carrot 3 cloves 2 sprigs parsley 4 tablespoonfuls flour 12 button mushrooms 1 onion

Remove bone from mutton, rub with a little salt, pepper and red pepper mixed together; roll up and tie in neat roll with tape; cut up celery, onion, carrot and turnip, and lay them at bottom of saucepan with herbs and parsley; lay mutton on top of these, and pour enough boiling water to three parts cover it, and simmer slowly two hours; lift mutton into roasting tin with a few tablespoonfuls of the gravy; set in hot oven until brown; strain gravy and skim off fat, melt Crisco in saucepan, add flour, then add gravy gradually, seasoning of salt and pepper, mushrooms, and boil eight minutes.  Set mutton on hot platter with mushrooms round, and gravy strained over.

Chicken a la Tartare

1 young chicken 1 egg 3/4 cupful Crisco Breadcrumbs Salt and pepper to taste Mixed pickles Tartare sauce

Singe, empty, and split chicken in half; take breastbone out and sprinkle salt and pepper over.  Melt 1/2 cupful Crisco in frying pan and fry chicken half hour, turning it now and then.  Remove from pan and place between two dishes with heavy weight on top, till it is nearly cold.  Then dip in egg beaten up, and roll in breadcrumbs.  Melt remaining Crisco, then sprinkle it all over chicken; roll in breadcrumbs once more.  Fry in hot Crisco to golden color.  Serve at once with a garnish of chopped pickles, and tartare sauce.

Chicken en Casserole

1 tender chicken for roasting 1/2 cupful Crisco Salt and pepper 1 pint hot water 1 cupful hot sweet cream 2 cupfuls chopped mushrooms 1 tablespoonful chopped parsley

Clean chicken, split down back, and lay breast upward, in casserole.  Spread Crisco over breast, dust with salt and pepper, add hot water, cover closely and cook in hot oven one hour.  When nearly tender, put in the cream, mushrooms, and parsley; cover again and cook twenty minutes longer.  Serve hot in the casserole.  Oysters are sometimes substituted for mushrooms, and will be found to impart a pleasing flavor.

Curried Ox-Tongue

6 slices cooked ox-tongue 3 tablespoonfuls Crisco 2 teaspoonfuls curry powder 6 chopped mushrooms 1 cupful brown sauce 1 dinner roll 1 egg 1 cupful boiled rice

For tongue. Cut slices of tongue, fry in Crisco, season with 1/4 teaspoonful salt and curry powder, then add mushrooms, and brown sauce, simmer ten minutes.  Cut large dinner roll into slices, and toast them lightly on both sides; dip them in egg well beaten then fry in hot Crisco and drain.  Dish up slices of tongue alternately with fried slices of roll, pour sauce round base, and serve with boiled rice.

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