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You, or any other normally healthy individual, whose digestion does not relish greasy foods, can eat rich pie crust.  The richness is there, but not the unpleasant after effects.  Crisco digests readily.

The Importance of Giving Children Crisco Foods


A good digestion will mean much to the youngster’s health and character.  A man seldom seems to be stronger than his stomach, for indigestion handicaps him in his accomplishment of big things.

As more attention is given to present feeding, less attention need be given to future doctoring.  Equip your children with good stomachs by giving them wholesome Crisco foods—­foods which digest with ease.

They may eat the rich things they enjoy and find them just as digestible as many apparently simple foods, if Crisco be used properly.

They may eat Crisco doughnuts or pie without being chased by nightmares.  Sweet dreams follow the Crisco supper.


The Great Variety of Crisco Foods

There are thousands of Crisco dishes.  It is impossible to know the exact number, because Crisco is used for practically every cooking purpose.  Women daily tell us of new uses they have found for Crisco.

Many women begin by using Crisco in simple ways, for frying, for baking, in place of lard.  Soon, however, they learn that Crisco also takes the place of butter.  “Butter richness without butter expense,” say the thousands of Crisco users.

Tasty scalloped dishes, salad dressing, rich pastry, fine grained cake, sauces and hundreds of other dishes, where butter formerly was used, now are prepared with Crisco.

“A Woman Can Throw Out More with a Teaspoon Than a Man Can Bring Home in a Wagon”


Kitchen expense comes by the spoonful.  Think of the countless spoonfuls of expensive butter used daily, where economical Crisco would accomplish the same results at one-third the cost.

It should be remembered that one-fifth less Crisco than butter may be used, because Crisco is richer than butter.  The moisture, salt and curd which butter contains to the extent of about 20 per cent are not found in Crisco, which is all, (100 per cent) shortening.

Remember also that Crisco will average a lower price per pound throughout the year than the best pail lard.  And you can use less Crisco than lard, which is a further saving. [Illustration:  Hotel Kitchen]

[Illustration:  Domestic Scientists Use Crisco]

Brief, Interesting Facts

Crisco is being used in an increasing number of the better class hotels, clubs, restaurants, dining cars, ocean liners.

Crisco has been demonstrated and explained upon the Chautauqua platform by Domestic Science experts, these lectures being a part of the regular course.

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