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It would be difficult to imagine surroundings more appetizing than those in which Crisco is manufactured.  It is made in a building devoted exclusively to the manufacture of this one product.  In sparkling bright rooms, cleanly uniformed employees make and pack Crisco.

The air for this building is drawn in through an apparatus which washes and purifies it, removing the possibility of any dust entering.

The floors are of a special tile composition; the walls are of white glazed tile, which are washed regularly.  White enamel covers metal surfaces where nickel plating cannot be used.  Sterilized machines handle the oil and the finished product.  No hand touches Crisco until in your own kitchen the sanitary can is opened, disclosing the smooth richness, the creamlike, appetizing consistency of the product.

The Banishment of That “Lardy” Taste in Foods

It was the earnest aim of the makers of Crisco to produce a strictly vegetable product without adding a hard, and consequently indigestible animal fat.  There is today a pronounced partiality from a health standpoint to a vegetable fat, and the lardy, greasy taste of food resulting from the use of animal fat never has been in such disfavor as during the past few years.

So Crisco is absolutely all vegetable.  No stearine, animal or vegetable, is added.  It possesses no taste nor odor save the delightful and characteristic aroma which identifies Crisco, and is suggestive of its purity.

Explanation of “Hidden” Food Flavors.

When the dainty shadings of taste are over-shadowed by a “lardy” flavor, the true taste of the food itself is lost.  We miss the “hidden” or natural taste of the food.  Crisco has a peculiar power of bringing out the very best in food flavors.  Even the simplest foods are allowed a delicacy of flavor.


Take ginger bread for example:  The real ginger taste is there.  The molasses and spice flavors are brought out.


Or just plain, every-day fried potatoes; many never knew what the real potato taste was before eating potatoes fried in Crisco.

Fried chicken has a newness of taste not known before.

New users of Crisco should try these simple foods first and later take up the preparation of more elaborate dishes.

Butter, Ever Popular

It is hard to imagine anything taking the place of butter upon the dining table.  For seasoning in cooking, the use of butter ever will be largely a matter of taste.  Some people have a partiality for the “butter flavor,” which after all is largely the salt mixed with the fat.  Close your eyes and eat some fresh unsalted butter; note that it is practically tasteless.

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