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June 1

Curried Lobster *Boiled Stuffed Leg of Lamb Potatoes Scalloped Sweet Corn Cherry Salad Frozen Watermelon Coffee

Boiled Stuffed Leg of Lamb_—­Have small, tender leg of lamb, and remove bone.  Make forcemeat of 1/2 pound fresh mushrooms cut in pieces, 1/2 cup chopped boiled ham, 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, and 2 tablespoons melted Crisco.  Season with pepper and salt, and put into the lamb in place of removed bone.  Tie it up well, wrap in piece of cheesecloth, and boil in salted water, having juice 1/2 lemon, 1 onion, and few branches of parsley in it.  Serve with currant jelly sauce; that is, 4 tablespoons butter melted together with 1/2 tumbler currant jelly and 1/2 glass white wine.

June 2

Green Vegetable Soup Fried Chicken, Virginia Style Cornmeal Bread Broiled Tomatoes Bean Salad *Strawberry Fritters Coffee

Strawberry Fritters_—­Have large, ripe strawberries, remove hulls and clean them thoroughly.  Moisten each berry with little brandy, roll in sugar and stand till berries absorb considerable sweetness.  Roll them in finest possible breadcrumbs and drop into hot Crisco.  Sprinkle strawberries with powdered sugar when taking up, and serve with them sweetened whipped cream.  Care must be taken that strawberries are not too ripe.  They must be quite hard and firm to be perfectly satisfactory when served.

June 3

Crab Soup Salmon, la Francesca Veal, Roasted Chiffonade Salad Cheese Crackers Tipsy Pudding Coffee_

_*Crab Soup_—­Remove cooked meat from 6 hard-shelled crabs and chop finely.  Add 3 cups white stock, 2/3 cup stale breadcrumbs, 1 slice of onion, 1 sprig of parsley, and simmer 20 minutes.  Blend together 1 tablespoon Crisco and 1 tablespoon flour, and add 1 cup cream, salt and red pepper to taste.  Combine mixtures and bring to boiling point.

June 4

Boiled Halibut, Lobster Sauce Beef Roll in Jelly Italian Risotto *Hungarian Salad Manhattan Pudding Coffee

Hungarian Salad_—­Mix equal parts shredded fresh or preserved pineapple, bananas in small pieces, and sections tangerines, and marinate together in French dressing.  Fill banana skins with mixture, sprinkle generously with paprika, arrange on lettuce leaves, and serve with French dressing.

The dressing is made as follows:  Put 4 tablespoons melted Crisco in cold bowl; if possible, put in small piece ice.  Add 1/2 teaspoon salt, saltspoon pepper, and stir until salt is dissolved, add tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice.  Beat for 3 minutes until dressing is as thick as good cream.  Use at once.

June 5

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