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William Garden Blaikie
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to the north of the lake—­Livingstone resolves not to go home, but to get fresh men and return to the sources—­Letter to Agnes—­to Sir Thomas Maclear—­The travelers go to Unyanyembe—­More plundering of stores—­Stanley leaves for Zanzibar—­Stanley’s bitterness of heart at parting—­Livingstone’s intense gratitude to Stanley—­He intrusts his Journal to him, and commissions him to send servants and stores from Zanzibar—­Stanley’s journey to the coast—­Finds Search Expedition at Bagamoio—­Proceeds to England—­Stanley’s reception—­Unpleasant feelings—­Eclaircissement—­England grateful to Stanley.



A.D. 1872-1873.

Livingstone’s long wait at Unyanyembe—­His plan of operations—­His fifty-ninth birthday—­Renewal of self-dedication—­Letters to Agnes—­to New York Herald—­Hardness of the African battle—­Waverings of judgment, whether Lualaba was the Nile or the Congo—­Extracts from Journal—­Gleams of humor—­Natural history—­His distress on hearing of the death of Sir Roderick Murchison—­Thoughts on mission-work—­Arrival of his escort—­His happiness in his new men—­He starts from Unyanyembe—­Illness—­Great amount of rain—­Near Bangweolo—­Incessant moisture—­Flowers of the forest—­Taking of observations regularly prosecuted—­Dreadful state of the country from rain—­Hunger—­Furious attack of ants—­Greatness of Livingstone’s sufferings—­Letters to Sir Thomas Maclear, Mr. Young, his brother, and Agnes—­His sixtieth birthday—­Great weakness in April—­Sunday services and observations continued—­Increasing illness—­The end approaching—­Last written words—­Last day of his travels—­He reaches Chitambo’s village, in Ilala—­Is found on his knees dead, on morning of 1st May—­Courage and affection of his attendants—­His body embalmed—­Carried toward shore—­Dangers and sufferings during the march—­The party meet Lieutenant Cameron at Unyanyembe—­Determine to go on—­Ruse at Kasekera—­Death of Dr. Dillon—­The party reach Bagamoio, and the remains are placed on board a cruiser—­The Search Expeditions from England—­to East Coast under Cameron—­to West Coast under Grandy—­Explanation of Expeditions by Sir Henry Rawlinson—­Livingstone’s remains brought to England—­Examined by Sir W. Fergusson and others—­Buried in Westminster Abbey—­Inscription on slab—­Livingstone’s wish for a forest grave—­Lines from Punch—­Tributes to his memory—­Sir Bartle Frere—­The Lancet—­Lord Polwarth—­Florence Nightingale.



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