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William Garden Blaikie
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of Scudamore—­of Dickenson—­of Thorton—­Illness of Livingstone—­Dr. Kirk and Charles Livingstone go home—­He proceeds northward with Mr. Rae and Mr. E. D. Young of the “Gorgon”—­Attempt to carry a boat over the rapids—­Defeated—­Recall of the Expedition—­Livingstone’s views—­Letter to Mr. James Young—­to Mr. Waller—­Feeling of the Portuguese Government—­Offer to the Rev. Dr. Stewart—­Great discouragements—­Why did he not go home?—­Proceeds to explore Nyassa—­Risks and sufferings—­Occupation of his mind—­Natural History—­Obliged to turn back—­More desolation—­Report of his murder—­Kindness of Chinsamba—­Reaches the ship—­Letter from Bishop Tozer, abandoning the Mission—­Distress of Livingstone—­Letter to Sir Thomas Maclear—­Progress of Dr. Stewart—­Livingstonia—­Livingstone takes charge of the children of the Universities Mission—­Letter to his daughter—­Retrospect—­The work of the Expedition—­Livingstone’s plans for the future.



A.D. 1864.

Livingstone returns the “Pioneer” to the Navy, and is to sail in the “Nyassa” to Bombay—­Terrific circular storm—­Imminent peril of the “Nyassa”—­He reaches Mozambique—­Letter to his daughter—­Proceeds to Zanzibar—­His engineer leaves him—­Scanty crew of “Nyassa”—­Livingstone captain and engineer—­Peril of the voyage of 2500 miles—­Risk of the monsoons—­The “Nyassa” becalmed—­Illness of the men—­Remarks on African travel—­Flying-fish—­Dolphins—­Curiosities of his Journal—­Idea of a colony—­Furious squall—­Two sea-serpents seen—­More squalls—­The “Nyassa” enters Bombay harbor—­Is unnoticed—­First visit from officer with Custom-house schedules—­How filled up—­Attention of Sir Bartle Frere and others—­Livingstone goes with the Governor to Dapuri—­His feelings on landing in India—­Letter to Sir Thomas Maclear—­He visits mission-schools, etc., at Poonah—­Slaving in Persian Gulf—­Returns to Bombay—­Leaves two boys with Dr. Wilson—­Borrows passage-money and sails for England—­At Aden—­At Alexandria—­Reaches Charing Cross—­Encouragement derived from his Bombay visit—­Two projects contemplated on his way home.



A.D. 1864-1865.

Dr. Livingstone and Sir R. Murchison—­At Lady Palmerston’s reception—­at other places in London—­Sad news of his son Robert—­His early death—­Dr. Livingstone goes to Scotland—­Pays visits—­Consultation with Professor Syme as to operation—­Visit to Duke Argyll—­to Ulva—­He meets Dr. Duff—­At launch of a Turkish frigate—­At Hamilton—­Goes to Bath to British Association—­Delivers an address—­Dr. Colenso—­At funeral of Captain Speke—­Bath speech offends the Portuguese—­Charges of Lacerda—­He visits Mr. and Mrs. Webb at Newstead—­Their great hospitality—­Livingstone room—­He spends eight months there writing his book—­He regains elasticity and playfulness—­His book—­Charles

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