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William Garden Blaikie
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 546 pages of information about The Personal Life of David Livingstone.
and others—­Letter to Dr. Moffat—­The Victoria Falls re-examined—­Sekeletu ill of leprosy—­Treatment and recovery—­His disappointment at not seeing Mrs. Livingstone—­Efforts for the spiritual good of the Makololo—­Careful observations in Natural History—­The last of the “Ma-Robert”—­Cheering prospect of the Universities Mission—­Letter to Mr. Moore—­to Mr. Young—­He wishes another ship—­Letter to Sir Roderick Murchison on the rumored journey of Silva Porto.


Rovuma and Nyassa—­universities mission.

A.D. 1861-1862.

Beginning of 1861—­Arrival of the “Pioneer,” and of the agents of Universities Mission—­Cordial welcome—­Livingstone’s catholic feelings—­Ordered to explore the Rovuma—­Bishop Mackenzie goes with him—­Returns to the Shire—­Turning-point of prosperity past—­Difficult navigation—­The slave-sticks—­Bishop settles at Magomero—­Hostilities between Manganja and Ajawa—­Attack of Mission party by Ajawa—­Livingstone’s advice to Bishop regardin them—­Letter to his son Robert—­Livingstone, Kirk, and Charles start for Lake Nyassa—­Party robbed at north of Lake—­Dismal activity of the slave-trade—­Awful mortality in the process—­Livingstone’s fondness for Punch—­Letter to Mr. Young—­Joy at departure of new steamer “Lady Nyassa”—­Colonization project—­Letter against it from Sir R. Murchison—­Hears of Dr. Stewart coming out from Free Church of Scotland—­Visit at the ship from Bishop Mackenzie—­News of defeat of Ajawa by missionaries—­Anxiety of Livingstone—­Arrangements for “Pioneer” to go to Kongone for new steamer and friends from home, then go to Ruo to meet Bishop—­“Pioneer” detained—­Dr. Livingstone’s anxieties and depression at New Year—­“Pioneer” misses man-of-war “Gorgon”—­At length “Gorgon” appears with brig from England and “Lady Nyassa”—­Mrs. Livingstone and other ladies on board—­Livingstone’s meeting with his wife, and with Dr. Stewart—­Stewart’s recollections—­Difficulties of navigation—­Captain Wilson of “Gorgon” goes up river and hears of death of Bishop Mackenzie and Mr. Burrup—­Great distress—­Misrepresentations about Universities Mission—­Miss Mackenzie and Mrs. Burrup taken to “Gorgon”—­Dr. and Mrs. Livingstone return to Shupanga—­Illness and death of Mrs. Livingstone there—­Extracts from Livingstone’s Journal, and letters to the Moffats, Agnes, and the Murchisons.



A.D. 1862-1863.

Livingstone again buckles on his armor—­Letter to Waller—­Launch of “Lady Nyassa”—­Too late for season—­He explores the Rovuma—­Fresh activity of the slave-trade—­Letter to Governor of Mozambique about his discoveries—­Letter to Sir Thomas Maclear—­Generous offer of a party of Scotchmen—­The Expedition proceeds up Zambesi with “Lady Nyassa” in tow—­Appalling desolations of Marianno—­Tidings of the Mission—­Death

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