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William Garden Blaikie
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with operatives—­Quick apprehension of all public questions—­His social views in advance of the age—­He plans a People’s Cafe—­Visit to Edinburgh—­More honors—­Letter to Mr. Maclear—­Interesting visit to Cambridge—­Lectures there—­Professor Sedgwick’s remarks on his visit—­Livingstone’s great satisfaction—­Relations to London Missionary Society—­He severs his connection—­Proposal of Government expedition—­He accepts consulship and command of Expedition—­Kindness of Lords Palmerston and Clarendon—­The Portuguese Ambassador—­Livingstone proposes to go to Portugal—­Is dissuaded—­Lord Clarendon’s letter to Sekeletu—­Results of Livingstone’s visit to England—­Farewell banquet, February, 1858—­Interview with the Queen—­Veledictory letters—­Professor Sedgwick and Sir Roderick Murchison—­Arrangements for Expedition—­Dr., Mrs., and Oswald Livingstone set sail from Liverpool—­Letters to children.


The Zambesi, and first explorations of the Shire.

A.D. 1858-1859.

Dr. and Mrs. Livingstone sail in the “Pearl”—­Characteristic instructions to members of Expedition—­Dr. Livingstone conscious of difficult position—­Letter to Robert—­Sierra Leone—­Effects of British Squadron and of Christian Missions—­Dr. and Mrs. Moffat at Cape Town—­Splendid reception there—­Illness of Mrs. Livingstone—­She remains behind—­The five years of the Expedition—­Letter to Mr. James Young—­to Dr. Moffat—­Kongone entrance to Zambesi—­Collision with Naval Officer—­Disturbed state of the country—­Trip to Kebrabasa Rapids—­Dr. Livingstone applies for new steamer—­Willing to pay for one himself—­Exploration of the Shire—­Murchison Cataracts—­Extracts from private Journal—­Discovery of Lake Shirwa—­Correspondence—­Letter to Agnes Livingstone—­Trip to Tette—­Kroomen and two members of Expedition dismissed—­Livingstone’s vindication—­Discovery of Lake Nyassa—­Bright hopes for the future—­Idea of a colony—­Generosity of Livingstone—­Letters to Mr. Maclear, Mr. Young, and Sir Roderick Murchison—­His sympathy with the “honest poor”—­He hears of the birth of his youngest daughter.


Going home with the Makololo.

A.D. 1860.

Down to Kongone—­State of the ship—­Further delay—­Letter to Secretary of Universities Mission—­Letter to Mr. Braithwaite—­At Tette—­Miss Whately’s sugar-mill—­With his brother and Kirk at Kebrabasa—­Mode of traveling—­Reappearance of old friends—­African warfare and its effects—­Desolation—­A European colony desirable—­Escape from rhinoceros—­Rumors of Moffat—­The Portuguese local Governors oppose Livingstone—­He becomes unpopular with them—­Letter to Mr. Young—­Wants of the country—­The Makololo—­Approach home—­Some are disappointed—­News of the death of the London missionaries, the Helmores

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