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William Garden Blaikie
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From loanda to Quilimane.

A.D. 1854-1856.

Livingstone sets out from Loanda—­Journey back—­Effects of slavery—­Letter to his wife—­Severe attack of fever—­He reaches the Barotse country—­Day of thanksgiving—­His efforts for the good of his men—­Anxieties of the Moffats—­Mr. Moffat’s journey to Mosilikatse—­Box at Linyanti—­Letter from Mrs. Moffat—­Letters to Mrs. Livingstone, Mr. Moffat, and Mrs. Moffat—­Kindness of Sekeletu—­New escort—­He sets out for the East Coast—­Discovers the Victoria Falls—­The healthy longitudinal ridges—­Pedestrianism—­Great dangers—­Narrow escapes—­Triumph of the spirit of trust in God—­Favorite texts—­Reference to Captain McClure’s experience—­Chief subjects of thought—­Structure of the continent—­Sir Roderick Murchison anticipates his discovery—­Letters to Geographical Society—­First letter from Sir Roderick Murchison—­Missionary labor—­Monasteries—­Protestant mission-stations wanting in self-support—­Letter to Directors—­Fever not so serious an obstruction as it seemed—­His own hardships—­Theories of mission-work—­Expansion v.  Concentration—­Views of a missionary statesman—­He reaches Tette—­Letter to King of Portugal—­to Sir Roderick Murchison—­Reaches Senna—­Quilimane—­Retrospect—­Letter from Directors—­Goes to Mauritius—­Voyage home—­Narrow escape from shipwreck in Bay of Tunis—­He reaches England, Dec. 1856—­News of his father’s death.


First visit home.

A.D. 1856-1857.

Mrs. Livingstone—­Her intense anxieties—­Her poetical welcome—­Congratulatory letters from Mrs. and Dr. Moffat—­Meeting of welcome of Royal Geographical Society—­of London Missionary Society—­Meeting in Mansion House—­Enthusiastic public meeting at Cape Town—­Livingstone visits Hamilton—­Returns to London to write his book—­Letter to Mr. Maclear—­Dr. Risdon Bennett’s reminiscences of this period—­Mr. Frederick Fitch’s—­Interview with Prince Consort—­Honors—­Publication and great success of Missionary Travels—­Character and design of the book—­Why it was not more of a missionary record—­Handsome conduct of publisher—­Generous use of the profits—­Letter to a lady in Carlisle vindicating the-character of his speeches.


Fiest visit home—­continued.

A.D. 1857-1858.

Livingstone at Dublin, at British Association—­Letter to his wife—­He meets the chamber of commerce at Manchester—­At Glasgow, receives honors from Corporation, University, Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, United Presbyterians, Cotton-spinners—­His speeches in reply—­His brother Charles joins him—­Interesting meeting and speech at Hamilton—­Reception from “Literary and Scientific Institute of Blantyre”—­Sympathy

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