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Treaty Between the Emperor and the King of Portugal Concerning the Limits and Possession of Maluco

[This treaty was negotiated in the city of Vitoria, being signed February 19, 1524.  The negotiators acting for Spain were the following:  Mercurinus de Gatinara, Grand Chancellor of his Majesty; Hernando de Vega, Commander-in-chief in Castile of the order of Santiago; Garcia de Padilla, Commander-in-chief of Calatrava; and Doctor Lorenzo Galindez de Carvajal:  “all members of the Council of the most exalted and powerful Princes, Don Carlos, by the divine clemency Emperor ever august, and King of the Romans, and Dona Juana, his mother, and the same Don Carlos, her son, by the grace of God King and Queen of Castilla, Leon, Aragon, the two Sicilas, Jerusalen, etc.”  Those acting for the Portuguese monarch were Pero Correa de Atubia, seignior of the city of Velas, and Doctor Juan de Faria, “both members of the Council of the most exalted and excellent Lord, Don Juan, by the grace of God, King of Portugal, of the Algarbes on this side of the sea and in Africa, seignior of Guinea, and of the conquest, navigation, and commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia, India, etc.”  The respective monarchs delegated full powers to these representatives to negotiate, in their names, this treaty, in which the ownership of Maluco was to be determined.  The Spanish letter of authorization was signed in Vitoria, January 25, 1524. (Navarrete omits the Portuguese letter of authorization.) The treaty proper follows:]

Thereupon the said Representatives of the said King and Queen of Castilla, ... etc., and of the said King of Portugal, ... etc., said:  That, inasmuch as some doubt exists, between the said Lords, their constituents as to the possession and ownership of Maluco, each one claiming that it falls within the bounds of his demarcation—­which must be determined in accordance with the terms of the compact and treaty negotiated between the Catholic Sovereigns Don Hernando and Queen Dona Isabel, King and Queen of Castilla, ... etc., and the most exalted and excellent King, Don Joan, King of Portugal, ... etc., (may they rest in peace),—­therefore they, jointly and severally, in the said names, and by virtue of the said powers, incorporated above, for the sake of peace and concord, and for the preservation of the relationship and affection between their constituents, authorize, consent to, and ratify the following: 

First, there shall be appointed by each one of the parties to this treaty three astrologers, and three pilots and sailors, for the determination of the demarcation, which must be made according to the terms of the said treaty.  These men must assemble, and they shall assemble, by the end of the month of March first following, or before that time if possible, at the boundary line of Castilla and Portugal, between the cities of Badajoz and Yelbes; in order that by the end of the month

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