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[The faithful observance by the respective sovereigns, of every point of this treaty is provided for in the fullest of terms by the commissioners, by virtue of the powers delegated to them; and this is sworn “before God, the Blessed Mary, and on the sign of the Cross.”  The instrument must receive also the sanction of the Pope, who will be asked to confirm the same by means of a bull in which the agreements of the treaty will be given. [164] The commissioners bind themselves under the foregoing oaths and penalties that, “within the one hundred days immediately following the date of this treaty, they will mutually exchange approbations and ratifications of the said treaty, written on parchment, and signed with the names of their said constituents, and sealed with their seals.”  Don Juan, heir to the Spanish crown, shall sign the instrument as well as Ferdinand and Isabella, and the whole shall be witnessed in proper manner.]

Note on Correspondence of Jaime Ferrer

[For lack of space, certain documents to and by Jaime Ferrer, regarding the line of demarcation, cannot be included in this series.  These documents—­a letter from the Cardinal Despanya, Archbishop of Toledo, Don Pedro de Mendoza, Barcelona, August 26, 1493; a letter from Ferrer to the Catholic sovereigns, Barcelona, January 27, 1495; Ferrer’s opinion regarding the treaty of Tordesillas (undated, but probably in 1495); and a letter from the Catholic sovereigns, Madrid, February 28, 1495,—­will be found in Navarrete, Coll. de viages, tomo ii, edition 1825, pp. 97-110; edition 1858, pp. 111-117, part of num. lxviii; and a translation of all but the first in Dawson’s Lines of Demarcation (printed in Translations of the Royal Society of Canada, 1899-1900, second series, vol. v, sec. ii, pp. 541-544,—­also printed separately).  Navarrete states that these documents, were printed in Barcelona in 1545, in a now rare book compiled by Ferrer under the title Sentencias catholicas del Divi poeta Dant.  In the first letter, signed “El Cardenal,” Ferrer’s presence is requested in Barcelona; he is to take with him his mappamundo and all his cosmographical instruments.]

Compact Between the Catholic Sovereigns and the King of Portugal, Regarding the Demarcation and Division of the Ocean Sea

Don Fernando and Dona Isabel, by the grace of God, King and Queen of Castilla, etc.:  Inasmuch as, among other things in the treaty and compact regarding the division of the Ocean Sea, negotiated between ourselves and the most Serene King of Portugal and the Algarbes on either side of the sea in Africa, and Seignior of Guinea, our most dear and beloved brother, it was agreed and covenanted that, within the first ten months following the date of this treaty, our caravels and his, accompanied by astrologers, pilots, sailors, and others, agreed upon by ourselves and

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