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Our resume of various contemporary documents is made from Navarrete, ut supra, iv (1837), pp. 110-406.  The MS. of the letter of authorization to Falero and Magallanes is in Torre do Tombo, Lisbon—­pressmark, “Gaveta 18, maco 8, n deg.. 39.”  It is published in Alguns documentos, pp. 418, 419, from which our translation is made.  The originals of the letters of 1519 (from copies of which we translate except instructions to Cartagena, from Alguns documentos) are in Torre do Tombo—­their respective pressmarks as follows:  letter of Carlos I to Manuel, “Gaveta 18, maco 5, n deg.. 26;” instructions to Cartagena, “Corpo chron., parte 3_a_, maco 7, n deg.. 18;” letter of Carlos I to Magallanes and Falero, “Corpo chron., parte 1_a_, maco 24, n deg.. 64.”  These letters are published in Alguns documentos, pp. 422-430.  The letter of 1522 is translated from a copy of the original MS. in the Simancas archives—­pressmark, “Secretaria de Estada, leg. 367, fol. 94.”

De Molvccis Insulis.  The first edition of this book was printed in January, 1523, at Cologne, by Hirzhorn (Latinized as Cervicornus).  In November, 1523, it was published at Rome by Minitius Calvus, also second edition February, 1524.  There has been much controversy regarding the priority of the Cologne edition, some writers claiming that it was really issued in 1524; but the question is apparently settled by the fact that Johann Schoener cites the book in his letter (written in 1523) to Reimer von Streitberg (Streytpergk); see Stevens’s Johann Schoner (London, MDCCCLXXXVIII), pp. 99, 153.  We reproduce here the translation made by the late Henry Stevens (ut supra, pp. 103-146); it is accompanied therein (pp. 57-90) by a phototypographic facsimile of the original print.  Fuller details regarding this work will appear in the volume devoted to bibliography, which will be published at the end of this series.

Chronological Tables


List of Roman Pontiffs

Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia, or Lenzuoli).—­Born Jan. 1, 1431; became pontiff, Aug. 11, 1492; died Aug. 18, 1503.

Pius III (Francesco Todischini Piccolomini).—­Born May 9, 1439; became pontiff, Sept. 22, 1503; died Oct. 18, 1503.

Julius II (Guiliano della Rovere).—­Born Dec. 15, 1443; became pontiff, Oct. 31 or Nov. 1, 1503; died Feb. 2, 1513.

Leo X (Giovanni de’ Medici).—­Born Dec. 11, 1475; became pontiff, March 11, 1513; died Dec. 1, 1521.

Hadrianus VI (Florian Boyers).—­Born Mar. 2, 1459; became pontiff, Jan. 9, 1522; died Sept. 14, 1523.

Clemens VII (Giulio de’ Medici).—­Born 1475 (?); became pontiff, Nov. 19, 1523; died Sept. 26, 1534.

Paulus III (Alessandro Farnese).—­Born Feb. 28, 1468; became pontiff, Oct. 13, 1534; died Nov. 10, 1549.

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