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inhabitants of the aforesaid islands and dwellers therein for the time being.  On this account we have been humbly petitioned on your behalf to deign through our apostolic graciousness to make in the premises suitable provision for you and your state.  Therefore yearning most eagerly for the spread and increase of that same faith particularly in our own days, we commend in the Lord your loving and praiseworthy purpose, and being favorably disposed thereto we hereby through our apostolic power in virtue of these presents do as a special favor grant to you and your successors for the time being that in the aforesaid islands after their capture and recovery (as observed) you may receive a tithe from the inhabitants thereof and the dwellers therein for the time being, and levy the same freely and lawfully, providing after dioceses shall there be established (whereon we charge your consciences as well as your successors’), you first from your own and their estate shall really and effectively devise a sufficient revenue for the establishment of churches in those islands through you and your aforesaid successors, whereby the incumbents of the same and their administrators may support themselves suitably, carry on the necessary work of those churches for the time being, as well as celebrate rightly the divine worship of Almighty God, and fulfil all diocesan requirements.  The Lateran Council, other apostolic constitutions and ordinances or other decrees, to the contrary notwithstanding.  Let no one then infringe this our grant, nor dare with rashness to contravene its provisions.  But should any one presume to set it at naught, let him recognize that he has thereby incurred the displeasure of Almighty God, and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.  Given at Rome at St. Peter’s, in the year of the incarnation of our Lord one thousand five hundred and one, the sixteenth day of November, the tenth year of our Pontificate.

[The signatures and authorizations follow.]

Life and Voyage of Fernao de Magalhaes—­1518-27

[Resume of contemporaneous documents—­1518-27.] Letter of authorization to Falero and Magallanes—­March 22, 1518. Carta de el-rei de Castella para El-rei D. Manuel—­February 28, 1519.  Instructions to Juan de Cartagena—­April 6, 1519. Carta de rei de Castella a Fernando de Magalhaes e a Ruy Falero—­April 19, 1519. Extracto de una carta de las Indias—­1522.  De Molvccis Insulis:  Maximilianus Transylvanus—­1523.

_Sources_:  See Bibliographical Data at end of this volume.

Translations:  The first and the fifth of these documents are translated by James A. Robertson; the second and fourth by Jose M. Asensio; the third by Francis W. Snow; the sixth by Frederic W. Morrison; for the last, we use the translation made by the late Henry Stevens (published in his Johann Schoener.)

* Documents marked by an asterisk are here presented in both the original text and English translation.

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