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Donald Ferguson
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Of course, since “Just” Smith had not once glimpsed the figures of his assailants, and as conviction can hardly rest upon a burst of vindictive boyish laughter, there was no public denunciation of Nick Lang and his cronies.  Everybody could give a good guess, however, as to who was guilty; and after that Nick was destined to feel himself more ostracized by his schoolmates than ever before.

The great athletic tournament had proven to be a complete success, being marred by no serious accidents, for which many a devoted mother in Scranton gave thanks that same night, even though her boy may not have won undying fame through gaining a prize.  Hugh himself was more than satisfied, though he would have been almost as well pleased had it been poor “K.  K.,” “Just” Smith, or Horatio Juggins who had won the big race, so long as the honor of Scranton High was upheld.

That was to be the finish of the fall sports, but with winter so near at hand, and that vast field being put in order for flooding, it might readily be guessed the boys and girls of Scranton were in line for considerable more fun while Jack Frost held sway over his frozen dominions.  That this supposition proved to be a correct one may be judged from the title of the fourth and following volume in this series, which can be had wherever boys’ books are sold, and bearing the suggestive title of “The Chums of Scranton High at Ice Hockey; or, A Wizard on Steel Runners.”  Get it, if you have enjoyed reading about Hugh Morgan and his loyal comrades in this and previous books; you will find it just as deeply interesting as anything that has gone before, since the boys of Scranton enter upon a fresh line of healthy competition, this time upon the ice.


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