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94. Emmaus.  A village about 60 furlongs from Jerusalem.  Cannot have been the Emmaus in the Shephelah, 20 m. from Jerusalem.  May have been el Kubeibeh, 63 furlongs distant on the road from Jerusalem to Lydda.  See AndLOL 617-619; but also HastBD I. 700.

Part III.—­The Minister


The Friend of Men

95.  Head Mathews, The Social Teachings of Jesus, especially 132-174; see also Robinson, The Saviour in the Newer Light, 343 ff.


The Teacher with Authority

96.  See WendtTJ I. 106-151; Stevens, Theol. of the N.T. 1-16; Beyschlag, N.T.  Theology, I. 31-34.  In particular on the Parables see references in sect.  A 56.  On the content of Jesus’ teaching see WendtTJ 2 vols.; Dalman, Die Worte Jesu; Stevens, Theol. of the N.T. 17-244; Beyschlag, N.T.  Theol.  I. 27-299; Mathews, Social Teaching of Jesus; Gilbert, The Revelation of Jesus; Bruce, The Kingdom of God.


Jesus’ Knowledge of Truth

97.  Adamson, The Mind in Christ; GilbertRJ 169f., 240-242; Schwartzkopf, The Prophecies of Jesus Christ.


Jesus’ Conception of Himself

98.  BaldSJ 125-282; Stalker, Christology of Jesus, HoltzmannNtTh I. 234-304; WendtTJ II. 122-183; GilbertRJ 167-228; Stevens, Theol. of the N.T. 41-64, 199-212.  On the title “Son of Man” see particularly DalmanWJ I. 191-219; Charles, Eschatology, 214f. note; against, A. Meyer, Jesu Muttersprache, 91-101, and others.  See also HoltzmannNtTh I. 246-264.  On the name “Son of God,” see Dalman WJ I. 219-237; Holtzmann NtTh I. 265-278; Stalker, Christology, 86-123; Gilbert, as above.  On the personal religion of Jesus see Burton, Bib.  Wld. 1899, II. 394-403.  For the total impression of the character of Jesus, read Bushnell, The Character of Jesus.


Index of Names and Subjects

[References are to pages.]

AEnon, site of, 288. 
“After three days,” 307. 
Agrapha, 36, 149, 281. 
Andrew, of Bethsaida, 92, 94, 118. 
Angels, doctrine of, 10. 
Annas, 191, 193, 194. 
Antipas, 4, 192. 
Apocalypse, 17f., 122, 124, 241. 
Apocryphal gospels, 37, 281, 282. 
Archelaus, 4, 5. 
Aristion, author of Mark xvi. 9-20, 204f., 306f. 
Assumption of Moses, 75

Baptism of John, see John the Baptist
Baptism of Jesus, 83-86, 283f. 
Barabbas, 174, 192. 
Bethany beyond Jordan, 92, 284. 
Bethany, supper at, 169, 301. 
Bethsaida, site of, 290. 
Books of reference, 273-277. 
Brethren of Jesus, 63f., 283.

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