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16.  For a collection of probably genuine Agrapha see Ropes, Die Spruche Jesu, 154-161, and Amer.  Jour.  Theol. 1897, 758-776; Resch, Agrapha, gives a much longer list.  He is criticised by Ropes.  On lost and uncanonical gospels see Salmon, Intr.^7 173-190, 580-591; Kruger, Early Christian Literature, 50-57.  For the recently discovered Gospel of Peter see Swete, The Gospel of Peter; and on the so-called Sayings of Jesus found in Egypt in 1896 see Harnack, Expositor, V. vi. 321-340, 401-416, and essay by Sanday and Lock. Apocryphal Gospels are most conveniently found in Ante-nicene Fathers, VIII. 361-476.


The Harmony of the Gospels

17.  The Diatessaron of Tatian is translated with notes by Hill, The Earliest Life of Christ.  See also Ante-nic.  Fathers, IX. 35-138.

18.  For the extreme position concerning Doublets see Holtzmann, Hand-commentar zum NT I. passim.  E. Haupt, Studien u.  Kritiken, 1884, 25, remarks that Jesus must often have repeated his teaching in essentially the same form.



19.  For data and discussion of the various problems see Wieseler, Chronological Synopsis; Lewin, Fasti Sacra; KeimJN II. 379-402; AndLOL 1-52; SchuererJPTX I. ii. 30-32, 105-143; O. Holtzmann, NtZeitg, 118-124, 125-127, 131-132; Turner HastBD I. 403-415; Ramsay, Was Christ born at Bethlehem; and von Soden in EnBib.  I. 799-812.  For patristic opinion concerning the length of Jesus’ ministry, see HastBD I. 410.  For the argument for a one-year ministry, see KeimJN II. 398; O. Holtzmann, NtZeitg, 131f.  For two years, see Wieseler, Chron.  Synop. 204-220; WeissLX I. 389-392; Turner, in HastBD.  For three years, see AndLOL 189-198; note by Robertson in Broadus, Harmony of the Gospels, 241-244.  Compare RevilleJN II. 227-231; Zahn, Einl. II. 516f.


The Early Years

20.  On the problem of the Virgin birth see GilbertLJ 79-89; WeissLX I. 211-233; Swete, Apos.  Creed, 42-55; Bruce, Apologetics, 407-413; Ropes, Andover Rev. 1893, 695-712; FairbSLX 30-45; Godet, Comm. on Luke, Rem. on chaps.  I. and II.; BovonNTTh I. 198-217.  These maintain historicity.  The other side:  BeysLJ I. 148-174; Meyer, Comm. on Matt., Rem. on 1.18; Keim JN II. 38-101; Reville, New World, 1892, 695-723, and JN I. 361-408; HoltzmannNtTh I. 409-415.  On the early years of Jesus see EdersLJM I. 217-254; WeissLX I. 275-293; Hughes, Manliness of Xt, 35-60; WendtTJ I. 90-96; Stapfer, Jesus Christ before his Ministry; FairbSLX 46-63; BeysLJ II. 44-65; RevilleJN I. 409-438.

21.  For some of the early legends concerning the birth and childhood of Jesus, see the so-called Protevangelium of James, the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, and the Gospel of Thomas, Ante-nic.  Fathers, VIII. 361-383, 395-398.  For Jewish calumnies see Laible, J.  X. im Thalmud, 9-39.

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