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6.  Discussions of the Teaching of Jesus in works on Biblical Theology have much that is important for the study of Jesus’ life.  The most significant is H. H. Wendt, Die Lehre Jesu (1886, 2 vols.).  The second volume has been translated The Teaching of Jesus (1892, 2 vols.); the first volume of the original work is an elaborate discussion of the sources, and has not been done into English.  Reference may be made especially to H. J. Holtzmann, Lehrbuch der Neutestamentlichen Theologie (1897, 2 vols.), and also to G. H. Gilbert, The Revelation of Jesus (1899).  Gustaf Dalman, Die Worte Jesu (1898), of which the first volume only has appeared, is a study of the meaning of the most significant expressions used in the gospel records of the teaching of Jesus, made with the aid of thorough knowledge of Aramaic usage and of the language of post-canonical Jewish literature.

7.  A good synopsis or Harmony of the gospels is most useful.  The best Harmony is that of Stevens and Burton (1894), which exhibits the divergencies of the parallel accounts in the gospels as faithfully as the agreements.  A good synopsis of the Greek text of the first three gospels is Huck, Synapse (1892).  Robinson’s Greek Harmony of the Gospels, edited by M. B. Biddle, using Tischendorf’s text, has also valuable notes discussing questions of harmony.


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