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        Specimen of the language of Hochelega and Canada.

   1. Secada. 2.  Tigneni. 3.  Hasche. 4.  Hannaion. 5.  Ouiscon.
   6.  Indahir. 7.  Aiaga. 8.  Addigue. 9.  Madellan. 10.  Assem

Aggonzi,            the head.    Atha,         shoes.
Hegueniascon,        the brow.    Amgoua,_       a shirt.
Higata,             the eyes.    Castrua,      a cap.
Abontascon,          the ears.    Osizi,        corn.
Esahe,              the mouth.   Carraconny,   bread.
Esgongay,           the teeth,   Sahe          beans.
Osnache,            the tongue.  Ame,          water.
Agonpon,            the throat.  Quahouascon,  flesh.
Hebelim,            the beard.   Honnesta,     damsons.
Hegouascon,         the face.    Absconda,     figs.
Aganiscon,          the hair.    Ozoba,        grapes.
Aiayascon,          the arms.    Quahoya,      nuts.
Aissonne,           the flanks.  Esgueny,      an eel.
Aggruascon,         the stomach. Undeguezi,    a snail.
Eschehenda,         the belly.   Hueleuxima,   a tortoise.
Hetnegradascon,     the thighs.  Sahomgahoa,   a hen.
Agotschinegodascon, the knees.   Zisto,        a lamprey.
Agouguenehondo,     the legs.    Ondacon,      a salmon.
Onchidascon,        the feet.    Ainne-honne,  a whale.
Aignoascon,         the hands.   Sadeguenda,   a goose.
Agenuga,            the fingers. Aionnesta,    a stag.
Agedascon,          the nails.   Asquenondo,   a sheep.
Aguehum,            a man.       Saurkanda,    a hare.
Agrauste,           a woman.     Agaya,        a dog.
Addegesta,          a boy.       Achide,       to-morrow.
Agniaquesta,        a girl.      Cudragny,     God.
Exiasta,            a child.     Quenhia,      heaven.
Conda,              woods.       Damga,        the earth.
Hoga,               leaves.      Ysmay,        the sun.
Cabata,             a gown.      Assomaha,     the moon.
Caioza,             a doublet.   Stagnehoham,  the stars.
Hemondoha,          stocking.    Copoha,       the wind.
Adogne,             a hatchet
Ahencu,             a bow.
Quaetan,            a dart.
Canada,             a town.
Agogasy,            the sea.
Coda,               the waves.
Cohena,             an island.
Agacha,             a hill.
Hounesca,           ice.
Camsa,              snow.
Athau,              cold.
Odazani,            hot.
Azista,             fire.
Quea,               smoke.
Canoca,             a house.
Addathy,            my father.

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