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Table of Latitudes observed in the Journal of Don Juan[336].

Deg.   Min. 
Socotora,                             12  40
Bab-al-Mondub[A]                      12  15
Sarbo port,[B]                        15  76[337]
Shaback, scarcely                     19   0
A nameless island ,                 19   0
Tradate, harbour                      19  50
Fushaa, bay                           20  15
Farate, river                         21  40
Ras-al-Jidid, port[B]                 22   0
Comol, port                           22  30
Ras-al-Nef, Cape                      24   0
Swairt island                         24  10
Gaudenauchi, port                     24  40
Tuna, haven                           25  30
Kossir[A]                             26  15
Safanj-al-bahr, island                27   0
Island, 2 leagues N.W.  from Sheduan  27  40
Toro, town                            28  10
Anchorage, 20 leagues farther         29  17
Suez                                  29  45

[Footnote 336:  In this Table [A] denotes two observations having been made at the place; [B] indicates more observations than two; and all the rest only one.  All of course north.—­E.]

[Footnote 337:  In the enumeration of latitudes in Astleys Collection this is set down as 15 deg. 17 min. but in the text of Purchas it is stated as here.—­E.]


Description of the Sea of Kolzum, otherwise called the Arabian Gulf, or the Red Sea.  Extracted from the Geography of Abulfeda[338].

The following description of the Red Sea was written by Ismael Abulfeda prince of Hamah in Syria, the ancient Epiphania, who died in the 733d year of the Hejirah or Mahometan era, corresponding with the year 1332 of the Christian computation, after having lived sixty-one years, twenty two of which he was sovereign of that principality.  Greaves has mistaken both the length of his reign, which he makes only three years, and the time of his death[339].  Abulfeda was much addicted to the study of geography and history, and wrote books on both of these subjects, which are in great estimation in the East.  His geography written in 721, A.D. 1321, consists of tables of the latitudes and longitudes of places, in imitation of Ptolemy, with descriptions, under the title of Takwin al Boldan.  No fewer than five or six translations have been made of this work, but by some accident or other none of these have ever been published.  The only parts of this work that have been printed are the tables of Send and Hend, or India, published in the French collection of Voyages and Travels by Thevenot; and those of Khowarazm or Karazm, Mawara’l-nahar, or Great Bukharia, and Arabia.  The two former were published in 1650, with a Latin translation by Dr Greaves; and all the three by Hudson, in the third volume of the Lesser Greek Geographers, in 1712; from which

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