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in this voyage.  On the feast of the Assumption of our Lady, being the 15th of August, after hearing divine service, we departed from the White Sands with a prosperous gale, directing our course across the sea which lies between Newfoundland and Brittany.  In this passage we were much tossed during three days by a heavy tempest from the east, which we weathered by the blessing of God.  After this we had fair weather, and arrived on the 5th of September in the port of St Maloes.

[Footnote 38:  Probably that now called Mistaken Points, near Cape Race, which latter is the south-eastern point of Newfoundland—­E.]

Specimen of the language of Newfoundland.

The sun,          isnez        Heaven,       camet
Night,            aiagla       Water,        ame
Sand,             estogaz      A sail,       aganie
The head,         agonaze      The throat,   conguedo
The nose,         hehonguesto  The teeth,    hesangue
The nails,        agetascu     The feet,     ochedasco
The legs,         anoudasco    A dead man,   amocdaza
A skin,           aionasca     That man,     yca
A hatchet,        asogne       A cod fish,   gadagoursere
Good to be eaten, guesande     Almonds,      anougaza
Figs,             asconda      Gold,         henyosco
An arrow,         cacta        A green tree, haveda
An earthen dish,  undaco       Brass,        aignetaze
The brow,         ausce        A feather,    yco
The moon,         casmogan     The earth,    conda
Wind,             canut        Rain,         ocnoscon
Bread,            cacacomy     The sea,      amet
A ship,           casaomy      A man,        undo
The hairs,        hoc hosco    Red cloth,   caponeta
The eyes,         ygata        A knife,     agoheda
The mouth,        heche        A mackarel,  agedoneta
The ears,         hontasco     Nuts,        caheya
The arms,         agescu       Apples,      honesta
A woman,          enrasesco    Beans,       sahe
A sick man,       alouedeche   A sword,     achesco
Shoes,            atta


The second voyage of Jacques Cartier, to Canada, Hochelega, Saguenay, and other lands now called New France; with the Manners and Customs of the Natives.

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