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During the 3d and 4th, we had to stand off and on, beating up against a contrary wind; and so continued for six days, advancing only eight miles in all that time.  The 10th and 11th, the wind being still contrary, we made only 10 miles, and anchored in a different place.  Proceeding along the coast on the 13th, we came up with a galleon which left Zabid before the rest of the fleet.  The pilots name was Mikali, and some of those on board belonged to the Venetian gallies of Alexandria.

[Footnote 241:  Called Jombu in the edition of Aldus, and Jambut by Rarmusio.  This is Yembo, Yambo, or Yamboa, the Italians using the J instead of the Y.  Yamboa is the port of Medina, Medinah, or Medinat al Nubi, signifying the city, or the city of the prophet.—­Astl.  I. 100. c.]

[Footnote 242:  Medina is at least 90 miles inland from Yamboa, which cannot be less than three ordinary days journeys.—­E.]

[Footnote 243:  This error has been long since corrected, yet many travellers still persist in placing the tomb of Mahomet at Mecca.—­Astl.  I. 100. d.—­Christian travellers are debarred from visiting the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  At Mecca the grand object of pilgrimage is the Caaba or holy house, containing a black stone, the remains of the ancient Pagan superstition of the Arabians:  Perhaps the same with the Lingam or Priapus of the Hindoos.—­E.]

The 14th, we sailed 10 miles[244] along the coast, and cast anchor in 7 fathoms at a place named Sikhabo.  The 15th we sailed 70 miles N.W. and came to anchor in the open sea.  The 16th, we sailed along the coast 30 miles, and anchored at a place named Buducktor or Bubuktor.  The 17th sailing 30 miles along the coast, we anchored in 20 fathoms in the open sea, near an island called Yenamani.  Going 20 miles along shore on the 18th, we anchored for the night off Khifate.  We proceeded 50 miles along shore on the 19th, and anchored at Molin.  The 20th, we anchored at sea 25 miles farther.  Proceeding 48[245] miles on the 21st along shore, we anchored in the evening out at sea.  The 22d, after sailing 10 miles, we anchored again at sea.  Being in a very bad anchorage, we proceeded again on the 24th with a tolerably good wind.  The half galley left an anchor and three cables at this last anchorage, and one galley ran aground but was got off.  After advancing only 10 miles, we came to anchor in 8 fathoms with good ground, and remained two days.  Proceeding 85 miles along the coast on the 26th, we came to anchor in a road-stead.

[Footnote 244:  In Ramusio this distance is made 60 miles.—­Astl.  I. 100. e.]

[Footnote 245:  Only 40 miles, in the copy published by Ramusio.—­Astl.  I. 100. f.]


Conclusion of the Voyage to Suez, and return of the Venetians to Cairo.

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