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VI.  Portuguese Transactions in India, under several governors, from the close of 1515, to the year 1526.

VII.  Continuation of the Portuguese Transactions in India; from 1526 to 1538.

Chap.  II.  Particular Relation of the Expedition of Solyman Pacha from Suez to India against the Portuguese at Diu, written by a Venetian Officer who was pressed into the Turkish Service on that occasion.  Introduction.

Sect.  I. The Venetian Merchants and Mariners at Alexandria are pressed into the Turkish service, and sent to Suez.  Description of that place.  Two thousand men desert from the Gallies.  Tor.  Island of Soridan Port of Kor.

II.  Arrival at Jiddah, the Port of Mecca.  The islands of Alfas, Kamaran, and Tuiche.  The Straits of Bab-al-Mandub.

III.  Arrival at Aden, where the Sheikh and four others are hanged.  Sequel of the Voyage to Diu.

Chap.  II.  Sect.  IV.  The Castle of Diu is besieged by the Moors.  The Turks plunder the City, and the Indian Generals withdraw in resentment.  The Pacha lands.  A man 300 years old.  Women burn themselves.  The Fleet removes.

V. A Bulwark Surrenders to the Turks, who make Galley-slaves of the Portuguese Garrison; with several other incidents of the siege.

VI.  Farther particulars of the siege, to the retreat of the Turks, and the commencement of their Voyage back to Suez.

VII.  Continuation of the Voyage back to Suez, from the Portuguese factory at Aser, to Khamaran and Kubit Sharif.

VIII.  Transactions of the Pacha at Zabid, and continuation of the Voyage from Kubit Sarif.

IX.  Continuation of the Voyage to Suez, along the Arabian Shore of the Red Sea.

X. Conclusion of the Voyage to Suez, and return of the Venetians to Cairo.

Chap.  III.  The Voyage of Don Stefano de Gama from Goa to Suez, in 1540, with the intention of Burning the Turkish Gallies at that port.  Written by Don Juan de Castro, then a Captain in the Fleet; afterwards governor-general of Portuguese India.


Sect.  I. Portuguese Transactions in India, from the Siege of Diu by the
Turks, to the Expedition of Don Stefano de Gama to Suez.

II.  Journal of the Voyage from Goa to the Straits of Bab-el-Mandub.

III.  Continuation of the Voyage, from the Straits of Bab-el-Mandub to

Chap.  III.  Sect.  IV.  Digression respecting the History, Customs, and
State of Abyssinia.

V. Continuation of the Journal of De Castro from Massua to Swakem.

VI.  Continuation of the Voyage from Swakem to Comol.

VII.  Continuation of the Voyage from the Harbour of Comol to Toro or Al

VIII.  Continuation of the Voyage from Toro or Al Tor to Suez.

IX.  Return Voyage from Suez to Massua.

X. Return of the Expedition from Massua to India.

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