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Robert Kerr (writer)
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Chap.  XI.  Early English voyages of discovery to America.  Introduction.

Sect.  I. Discovery of Newfoundland by John and Sebastian Cabot in 1497, in the service of Henry vii. of England.

II.  Discourse by Galeacius Butrigarius, Papal Legate in Spain, respecting the Discoveries in America, by Sebastian Cabot.

III.  Notice concerning Sebastian Cabot by Ramusio, in the Preface to the third Volume of his Navigations.

IV.  Notice respecting the voyage of Sebastian Cabot to the north-west, from Peter Martyr ab Angleria.

V. Testimony of Francisco Lopez de Gomara, concerning the discoveries of Sebastian Cabota.

VI.  Note respecting the discoveries of Sebastian Cabot; from the latter part of Fabians Chronicle.

VII.  Brief notice of the discovery of Newfoundland, by Mr Robert Thorne.

Chap.  XI sect.  VIII.  Grant by Edward vi. of a Pension and the Office of Grand Pilot of England to Sebastian Cabot.

IX.  Voyage of Sir Thomas Pert and Sebastian Cabot about the year 1516, to Brazil, St Domingo, and Porto Rico.

X. Brief note of a voyage by Thomas Tison to the West Indies, before the year 1526.

Chap XII.  The Voyages of Jacques Cartier from St Maloes to Newfoundland and Canada, in the years 1534 and 1535.


Sect.  I. The first voyage of Jacques Cartier to Newfoundland and Canada, in 1534.

II.  The second voyage of Jacques Cartier, to Canada, Hochelega, Saguenay, and other lands now called New France; with the Manners and Customs of the Natives.

III.  Wintering of Jacques Cartier in Canada in 1536, and return to France in 1537.

Book III.  Continuation of the Discoveries and Conquests of the Portuguese in the East; together with some account of the early voyages of other European Nations to India.

Chap.  I. Discoveries, Navigations, and Conquests of the Portuguese in India, from 1505 to 1539, both inclusive, resumed from Book I. of this Part.

Sect.  I. Course of the Indian Trade before the Discovery of the Route by the Cape of Good Hope, with some account of the settlement of the Arabs on the East Coast of Africa.

Chap.  I.

Sect.  II.  Voyage of Don Francisco de Almeyda from Lisbon to India, in quality of Viceroy, with an account of some of his transactions on the Eastern coast of Africa and Malabar.

III.  Some Account of the state of India at the beginning of the sixteenth Century, and commencement of the Portuguese Conquests.

IV.  Continuation of the Portuguese Transactions in India, during the Viceroyalty of Almeyda.

V. Transactions of the Portuguese in India under the Government of Don Alfonso de Albuquerque, from the end of 1509, to the year 1515.

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