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No, nor rebel, albeit He have with thee
Great reservations.  Know, to Be is more
Than to have acted; yea, or after rest
And patience, to have risen and been wroth,
Broken the sequence of an ordered earth,
And troubled nations.” 
                       Then the dragon sighed. 
“Poor fanatic,” quoth he, “thou speakest well. 
Would I were like thee, for thy faith is strong,
Albeit thy senses wander.  Yea, good sooth,
My masters, let us not despise, but learn
Fresh loyalty from this poor loyal soul. 
Let us go forth—­(myself will also go
To head you)—­and do sacrifice; for that,
We know, is pleasing to the mighty God: 
But as for building many arks of wood,
O majesties! when He shall counsel you
HIMSELF, then build.  What say you, shall it be
An hundred oxen,—­fat, well liking, white? 
An hundred? why, a thousand were not much
To such as you.”  Then Noah lift up his arms
To heaven, and cried, “Thou aged shape of sin,
The Lord rebuke thee.”


Then one ran, crying, while Niloiya wrought,
“The Master cometh!” and she went within
To adorn herself for meeting him.  And Shem
Went forth and talked with Japhet in the field,
And said, “Is it well, my brother?” He replied,
“Well! and, I pray you, is it well at home?”

But Shem made answer, “Can a house be well,
If he that should command it bides afar? 
Yet well is thee, because a fair free maid
Is found to wed thee; and they bring her in
This day at sundown.  Therefore is much haste
To cover thick with costly webs the floor,
And pluck and cover thick the same with leaves
Of all sweet herbs,—­I warrant, ye shall hear
No footfall where she treadeth; and the seats
Are ready, spread with robes; the tables set
With golden baskets, red pomegranates shred
To fill them; and the rubied censers smoke,
Heaped up with ambergris and cinnamon,
And frankincense and cedar.” 
                Japhet said,
“I will betroth her to me straight”; and went
(Yet labored he with sore disquietude)
To gather grapes, and reap and bind the sheaf
For his betrothal.  And his brother spake,
“Where is our father? doth he preach to-day?”
And Japhet answered, “Yea.  He said to me,
’Go forward; I will follow when the folk
By yonder mountain-hold I shall have warned.’”

And Shem replied, “How thinkest thou?—­thine ears
Have heard him oft.”  He answered, “I do think
These be the last days of this old fair world.”

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