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  looking down
  to ——­
  on the Borders of cannock chase
  an ancient Chess king
  comfort in the night
  though all great deeds
  A snow mountain

A birthday walk
not in vain I waited
A gleaning song
with A diamond
married lovers
A winter song
binding sheaves
the mariner’s cave
A reverie
Defton wood
the long white seam
an old wife’s song
cold and quiet
sledge bells
midsummer night, not dark, not light
the bridegroom to his bride
the fairy woman’s song
above the clouds
sleep and time
bees and other-fellow-creatures
the gypsy’s selling song
A wooing song
A courting song
love’s thread of gold
the leaves of lign aloes
the days without alloy
feathers and moss
on the rocks by Aberdeen
like A laverock in the lift
song for A babe
give us love and give us peace

  Margaret by the mere side
  Margaret in the Xebec




His blew His winds, and they were scattered.

‘One soweth and another reapeth.’ 
Too true, too true.  One soweth—­unaware
Cometh a reaper stealthily while he dreams—­
Bindeth the golden sheaf, and in his bosom
As ’t were between the dewfall and the dawn
Bears it away.  Who other was to blame? 
Is it I?  Is it I?—­No verily, not I,
’T was a good action, and I smart therefore;
Oblivion of a righteous enmity
Wrought me this wrong.  I pay with my self ruth
That I had ruth toward mine enemy;

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