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O fond, O fool, and blind,
  To God I gave with tears;
But when a man like grace would find,
  My soul put by her fears—­
O fond, O fool, and blind,
  God guards in happier spheres;
That man will guard where he did bind
  Is hope for unknown years.

To hear, to heed, to wed,
  Fair lot that maidens choose,
Thy mother’s tenderest words are said,
  Thy face no more she views;
Thy mother’s lot, my dear,
  She doth in nought accuse;
Her lot to bear, to nurse, to rear,
  To love—­and then to lose.



        A song of a boat:—­
    There was once a boat on a billow: 
  Lightly she rocked to her port remote,
And the foam was white in her wake like snow,
And her frail mast bowed when the breeze would blow
    And bent like a wand of willow.


  I shaded mine eyes one day when a boat
    Went curtseying over the billow,
  I marked her course till a dancing mote
She faded out on the moonlit foam,
And I stayed behind in the dear loved home;
  And my thoughts all day were about the boat,
    And my dreams upon the pillow.


I pray you hear my song of a boat,
    For it is but short:—­
My boat, you shall find none fairer afloat,
    In river or port. 
Long I looked out for the lad she bore,
  On the open desolate sea,
And I think he sailed to the heavenly shore,
  For he came not back to me—­
                                  Ah me!


A song of a nest:—­
There was once a nest in a hollow: 
Down in the mosses and knot-grass pressed,
Soft and warm, and full to the brim—­
Vetches leaned over it purple and dim,
With buttercup buds to follow.


I pray you hear my song of a nest,
    For it is not long:—­
You shall never light, in a summer quest
    The bushes among—­
Shall never light on a prouder sitter,
  A fairer nestful, nor ever know
A softer sound than their tender twitter
  That wind-like did come and go.


  I had a nestful once of my own,
    Ah happy, happy I! 
Right dearly I loved them:  but when they were grown
    They spread out their wings to fly—­
  O, one after one they flew away
    Far up to the heavenly blue,
  To the better country, the upper day,
    And—­I wish I was going too.


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