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grade of culture to which the Continent has attained.  To search out the reasons why the old Oriental monarchy holds on so tenaciously in Europe, still threatening the future, would be useless here; certain it is that, when you meet any European other than a Frenchman or a Swiss, you can feel yourselves as superior to him in political institutions as the Roman civis in the times of the Republic felt himself above the Asiatic slave of absolute monarchy.  This superiority—­never forget it!—­you owe to Rome; for its possession, be grateful to the city that has encircled you with such glory, by infusing so tenacious a life into the “Respublica.”


  Acrobats, the great number of, 218
  Acte, the beautiful, 114
    the mistakes of Antony at, 60;
    the peace after, 216
  AEgean Islands, the vineyards of the, 200
  Agriculture in Gaul, the extent of, 84
    the builder of the Pantheon, 103;
    the successor of, 165
    the power of, 103;
    the love of the Republic of, 114;
    miraculous escape of, 120;
    death of, 122
  Alaric, the destruction caused by, 258
  Alcohol, the distillers of, 26
    the city of, 91, 94;
    the battle at, 197
  Alexander the Great, mentioned, 48
  Alexandria, the position of, 15
  Allier, the valley of the, 92
    the peoples beyond the, 20;
    the fear of crossing the, 73
  Ambitio of the ancients, the, 14
  America, the discovery of,
  Amor, the kingdom of, 25
  Amores, the, by Ovid, 151
  Amours, the, of Antony, 41
  Amphore, the wine of the, 39
  Ancient Rome, corruption in, 3 ff
  Anglo-Saxons, traits of the, 197
  Anicetus, the diabolical plan of, 119
    the history of, 37 ff;
    the love of, 40;
    meets Cleopatra, 44;
    the bewilderment of, 57
  Antifeminist reaction, the, 111
    the departure for, 45;
    the marriage at, 51
  Antium, the return to, 119
  Antonines, the power of the, 246
  Aquileia, son of Julia born at, 155;
    the trade in, 192
  Arabia, part of, annexed, 49
  Archaeological discoveries, the effect of, 259
  Archaeologists, the discoveries of, 43
  Archelaus, the revolt against, 166
  Architectural effort at Rome, 134
  Argentine Republic, the mention of, 86
  Arles, a large market for wines, 192
  Armenia, the revolt in, 161
  Arras, the district of, 90
  Arrianus, the work of, 199
  Ars Armandi, the, by Ovid, 163
  Artists, the numerous, of the East, 55
  Asia Minor, the addition to the Empire of, 49
  Asiatic civilisation, 17
  Athens, the influence of, 202
  Atrides, the legend of, 138
  Attalus, King, 16; the bequest of, 187
  Augustus, the age of, 25
  Augustus Caesar, lectures on, 3;
    the wise laws of, 158;
    troubles of, 176;
    the death of, 209
  Avaritia, the complaint of the, 14

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