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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 292 pages of information about Act, Declaration, & Testimony for the Whole of our Covenanted Reformation, as Attained to, and Established in Britain and Ireland; Particularly Betwixt the Years 1638 and 1649, Inclusive.

3.  They declare and testify against the restoration of Charles II, 1660, unto the government of these covenanted lands, after he had so plainly discovered his spirit and designs, in the matter of the public resolutions.  On account of which treacherous and double dealing with God and man, he was, in the Lord’s holy and adorable providence, justly secluded from the government, and lived an exile for the space of ten years; but, by means of his malignant public resolution friends, he was again, by might, though not of right, restored, without so much as his adherence sought to those oaths, which he had formerly so solemnly sworn.  Add to this the church’s sinful silence, through the influence of the backslidden resolution party therein, so that, at the convention of the pretended parliament, anno 1661, consisting mostly of persons of known disaffection to the true religion, elected of purpose to serve the king’s traitorous designs, there was not so much as a protestation for civil or religious liberties and privileges offered thereunto; but the vile person (as be afterward fully declared himself) was peaceably, though illegally, exalted.

4.  As the presbytery find themselves in duty bound to testify against this most unhappy restoration of Charles II, so, of necessary and just consequence, they declare against the whole of his usurped and tyrannical administration—­particularly against his blasphemous and heaven-daring ecclesiastical supremacy; against the act rescissory, declaring null and void the covenants, presbyterian church government, and all the laws made in favor of the true religion since the year 1638; the wicked anniversary thanksgiving day, in memory of the restoration; the re-establishment of diocesan and Erastian Prelacy; his publicly and ignominiously burning of our solemn covenants, after pretending to nullify their obligation; with all his cruelty, tyranny, oppression and bloodshed, under color, and without form, of law, exercised upon the Lord’s people, during the whole of his reign.

5.  They again testify against the treachery of these covenanted lands, in their advancing (contrary to our solemn covenants and all law and reason) James, duke of York, a professed Papist, and avowed malignant to the throne of these realms.  As also, they testify against his Christ-dethroning supremacy, and anti-christian indulgences and toleration, flowing from that wicked fountain; his horrid and cruel massacreing and murdering of the saints and servants of the Most High; with all his other wickedness briefly specified in the foregoing narrative.

Upon the whole, the presbytery declare and testify against all the affronts done unto the Son of God, and open attacks made upon his crown and kingdom; all the different steps of apostasy from a work of reformation, and all the hellish rage and cruelty exercised against the people of God during the foresaid period of persecution, carried on by these two impious brothers.

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