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That will is being done everywhere else in God’s great world of worlds, save on the earth and that portion of the spirit world allied to this earth.  Everywhere else there is the perfect music of harmony with God’s will.  Here only is heard the harsh discordant note.

With this prayer go two clauses that really particularize and explain it.  They are included in it, and are added to make more clear the full intent.  The first of these clauses gives the sweep of His will in its broadest outlines.  The second touches the opposition to that will both for our individual lives and for the race and the earth.

The first clause is this, “Thy kingdom come.”  In both of these short sentences, “Thy will be done,” “Thy kingdom come,” the emphatic word is “Thy.”  That word is set in sharpest possible contrast here.  There is another kingdom now on the earth.  There is another will being done.  This other kingdom must go if God’s kingdom is to come.  These kingdoms are antagonistic at every point of contact.  They are rivals for the same allegiance and the same territory.  They cannot exist together.  Charles II and Cromwell cannot remain in London together.  “Thy kingdom come,” of necessity includes this, “the other kingdom go.”  “Thy kingdom come” means likewise “Thy king come,” for in the nature of things there cannot be a kingdom without a king.  That means again by the same inference, “the other prince go,” the one who makes pretensions to being rightful heir to the throne.  “Thy will be done” includes by the same inference this:—­“the other will be undone.”  This is the first great explanatory clause to be connected with this greatest prayer, “Thy kingdom come.”  It gives the sweep of God’s will in its broadest outlines.

The second clause included in the prayer, and added to make clear the swing of action is this—­“deliver us from the evil one.”  These two sentences, “Thy will be done,” and “deliver us from the evil one,” are naturally connected.  Each statement includes the other.  To have God’s will fully done in us means emancipation from every influence of the evil one, either direct or indirect, or by hereditary taint.  To be delivered from the evil one means that every thought and plan of God for our lives shall be fully carried out.

There are the two great wills at work in the world ever clashing in the action of history and in our individual lives.  In many of us, aye, in all of us, though in greatly varying degree, these two wills constantly clash.  Man is the real battle-field.  The pitch of the battle is in his will.  God will not do His will in a man without the man’s will consenting.  And Satan cannot.  At the root the one thing that works against God’s will is the evil one’s will.  And on the other hand the one thing that effectively thwarts Satan’s plans is a man wholly given up to God’s will.

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