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“On the face of this wide earth, Mr. President, there is not one disinterested, determined, intelligent champion of the Union cause who does not feel that all attempts to put down the rebellion, and at the same time uphold its inciting cause, are preposterous and futile—­that the rebellion, if crushed out to-morrow, would be renewed within a year if Slavery were left in full vigor—­that army officers who remain to this day devoted to Slavery can at best be but halfway loyal to the Union—­and that every hour of deference to Slavery is an hour of added and deepened peril to the Union.  I appeal to the testimony of your embassadors in Europe.  Ask them to tell you candidly whether the seeming subserviency of your policy to the slaveholding, slavery-upholding interest is not the perplexity, the despair of statesmen of all parties, and be admonished by the general answer.”


Abolitionism, and Republicanism, 8, 9;
  end of, 150-156.

Abolitionist movement, v.

Abolitionists, hysterical praise of, 1;
  and dissolution of the Union, 1, 2;
  effect, 2;
  struggles, 3;
  and political expediency, 5;
  convention at Pittsburgh, 7;
  third-party, 7;
  vote of, 7;
  founders of Republican party, 8;
  pro-slavery mobbing, 9;
  voting strength, 9;
  organization, 10;
  lecturers, 11;
  stump orators, 11;
  newspapers, 11;
  preparatory work, 12;
  hostility to Union, 13;
  disloyalty, 13;
  treason, 13;
  place in history, 15;
  Quakers, 16;
  physical courage, 16;
  unselfishness of, 16;
  motives, 18;
  persecution of, 20;
  feelings against, 22;
  hopefulness of, 26;
  first presidential ticket, 28;
  prejudice against, 30;
  abuse by “gentlemen,” 32;
  women, 38;
  preliminary victory of, 47;
  denunciation of early, 49;
  leaders, 186-198.

Adams, John Quincy, 21, 41;
  attempted expulsion of, from Congress, 69-71;
  speech in his own defense in Congress, 89.

Altee, Edward P., 203.

Altee, Edwin A., 203.

“Amalgamation,” 35.

Anderson “Bill,” 165.

Andrew, Governor, of Massachusetts, Peleg’s Life of, 179.

Anthony, Susan B., 102, 205.

Anti-Slavery, causes, 2;
  matter excluded from United States mails, 4;
  formation of party, 13;
  pioneers, 49-58;
  lecturers, 76-78;
  orators, 88-93;
  women, 100-107;
  mobs, 108-112;
  in Haverhill, 108;
  in Nantucket, 109;
  martyrs, 113-120;
  sentiment, in England, 130.

Anti-Slavery societies, organization, 26;
  in New England, 72, 74, 75, 130, 201;
  National, 76, 79, 87, 201.

Anti-Unionist, 13.

* * * * *

Bacon, Benjamin C., 201.

Bailey, Dr. Gamaliel, 100, 207.

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