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Each original bond purchaser becomes a charter life member of the club, entitled, without the payment of annual dues or other assessments, to the privileges and benefits offered.  These, briefly, aside from the natural advantages of location, scenery, etc., are an assured congenial environment, known associations (not always a possibility in a public summer hotel), the absence of every possible unpleasant influence, opportunities for fishing, boating, tennis, golf and other outdoor sports, and first-class accommodations at a cost far below that charged at regular high-class summer hotels.

[Illustration:  Proposed Family Club House, Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe]

[Illustration:  Launch towing boats out to the fishing grounds, Lake Tahoe]

[Illustration:  An Early Morning Catch, Tahoe Trout, Lake Tahoe]

The proceeds of the bond issue are to be devoted to the erection of the first unit of the club’s buildings, consisting of the club house proper, and probably six four-room cottages adjacent.  Thus the value of the real estate securing the bonds will at once be enhanced virtually to the full extent of the investment made by the charter members.

With the initial buildings assured and in process of erection, the membership and patronage of the club will be augmented by extending the privileges of the organization to non-investors, who will be enrolled upon payment of a fixed membership charge.  These associate members, like the charter members, will enjoy the privileges offered for themselves and their families and for such of their friends as they may desire to recommend, and for whom limited-period guest-cards are requested.

With a membership so broadly scattered as will be the membership of this club, community control of its affairs would be impracticable, if not impossible.  It has been decided, therefore, to vest the supervisory control of the club in a self-perpetuating advisory board, composed of many of the most prominent citizens of Nevada and California.

The plan proposed is a feasible and practicable one, and one that ought to appeal to nature lovers who desire just such opportunities as it will afford on Lake Tahoe.  The president of the company and the directing genius who has made Carnelian Bay possible is L.P.  Delano, of Reno, Nevada, to whom all requests for further particulars regarding the Tahoe Country Club, or of Carnelian Bay should be addressed.



Fishing in Lake Tahoe, and the other lakes of the region is a pleasure and a recreation as well as an art and a science.  There are laymen, tyros, neophytes, proficients and artists.  The real fraternity has passes, catchwords, grips and signals to which outsiders seek to “catch on” in vain.

The chief native trout of Lake Tahoe is locally known as the “cut-throat,” because of a brilliant dash of red on either side of the throat.  The name, however, gives no hint of the exquisite beauty of the markings of the fish, the skill required and excitement developed in catching it, and the dainty deliciousness of its flesh when properly cooked.

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