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In setting aside this residential section at Lakeside Park the owners have planned with far-sighted and generous liberality.  The Lake frontage is reserved for general use of the hotel guests and cottage community, so there will be no conflict regarding privileges of boating, bathing, fishing, and “rest cure” on the beach.  Another wise provision is that a generous portion of the amounts received from early sales of lots is being devoted to general improvements that are for mutual benefit; such as the extension of roads, paths, trails and water-pipes, a substantial breakwater for better protection of launches and boats, larger dancing-pavilion or platform, automobile garage, more dressing rooms for bathers, etc.



In Chapter XVI the history of Glenbrook is given in some detail.  It is now, however, converted into a pleasure resort especially popular with residents of Nevada, and largely used by automobiles crossing the Sierras and passing around Lake Tahoe.

The Inn, and its veranda overlooking the Lake, is built with an eye to comfort and convenience.  Every need for pleasure and recreation is arranged for.  For those who enjoy privacy, cozy cottages are provided, around which beautiful wild flowers grow in wonderful profusion.  The guests here are especially favored in that the Inn has its own ranch, dairy, poultry farm, fruit orchard and vegetable garden.  The table, therefore, is abundantly provided, and everything is of known quality and brought in fresh daily.

Glenbrook Inn makes no pretense to be a fashionable resort.  It especially invites those individuals and families who wish to be free from the exhausting “frivolities of fashion,” to come and enjoy to the full Nature’s simple charms, regardless of the city’s conventions as to dress and fashion.  Rest and recreation, amusement and recuperation are the key-notes.  Simplicity of life, abundance of sleep, sufficiency of good food, tastefully served, the chief hours of the day spent in the open air, fishing, boating, swimming, trail-climbing, horseback-riding, driving or automobiling,—­these bring health, renewed energy and the joy of life.

The specific pleasures provided at Glenbrook are varied.  It is confessedly the best place for fishing on the Lake.  During the season the fishermen from all the resorts at the south end of the Lake bring their patrons over in this direction.  The Inn has its own fleet of gasoline launches and row boats, with experienced men to handle them, and it supplies fishing-tackle free, but those who wish to use the rod must bring that with them.  As is explained in the chapter on fishing the trout of Lake Tahoe are taken both by rod and “jerk-line” trolling.  Near Glenbrook, however, the rod can be used to greater advantage than anywhere else, and catches of from one-half to thirty pounds are of daily occurrence.

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