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Fishing boats in large numbers are to be had either with or without oarsmen, together with full equipment for fishing or hunting trips.

The Tavern stables are prepared to supply all reasonable demands for saddle-horses, driving-teams, and pack-animals for hunting trips, and arrangements can be made for equipment and guides for mountain trips, of any duration, from a couple of days to three months or more.  There is also a garage with first class cars and experienced chauffeurs for hire.

[Illustration:  Ladies’ Lounging Room, the Casino, Tahoe Tavern]

[Illustration:  The Front of Tahoe Tavern from a Table in the Dining-Room]

[Illustration:  The Launch Catalini, Lake Tahoe]

[Illustration:  Bathing in Lake Tahoe, Near Tahoe Tavern]



To nature-lovers, more or less active, the trails all around and about Lake Tahoe are a source of perpetual surprise and delight.  I know of no region in California that possesses such a wealth of trails—­not even the Yosemite or Mt.  Shasta regions.  The Lake is an ever-present friend.  From ridges, peaks, summits and passes, near at hand or scores of miles away, it never fails to satisfy the eye.  Again and again, when one is least expecting it, a turn in the trail, or a few steps forward or backward on a summit ridge brings it into sight, and its pure blue surface, now seen smooth and glossy as a mirror, again shining in pearly brilliancy in the sun, or gently rippled by a calm morning or evening zephyr, or tossed into white caps by a rising wind-storm, pelted with fierce rain or hail, or glimpsed only through sudden openings in a snowstorm, at sunrise or sunset, each with its own dazzling brilliancies—­it always gives one a thrill and warming sensation at the heart.

Then, too, the number of peaks to the summits of which trails have been cut, so that the walker, or the horseback rider may have easy access, are many and varied.  In all there are not less than forty peaks, each of which is well worth a trip, each presenting some feature of its own that renders its personality worth cultivating.

In this and other chapters, I present my own experiences as illustrative to give the general reader an idea of what may be expected if he (or she) is induced to try one of the chief delights of a sojourn in this scenic region.


Leaving Tahoe Tavern, crossing the bridge to Tahoe City, the trail leaves the main road on the left about a mile and a half further on, passing the horse pasture on the right.  Near Tahoe City is the Free Camping Ground owned by the Transportation Company.  This has a mile frontage overlooking the Lake, and scores of people habitually avail themselves of the privilege, bringing their own outfits with them, as, at present, there are no arrangements made for renting tents and the needed furnishings to outsiders.

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