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Advice to the wife of the flirtatious man

The place love occupies in woman’s life

Abortion and miscarriage

Three venereal diseases

Measures for prevention after sexual relations

Marital relations and frigid woman

The girl who lost her virginity

Treatment of sterility

Justifiable innocent deception

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Dr. Wm. J. Robinson, Editor

400 Pages


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“Sexual Truths” comes as an answer to the repeated requests from sane, sensible people for the honest, straightforward information about sex which they cannot find elsewhere.  In this book the full light of scientific reason penetrates every corner of the sex question.  The physical misery and the mental torture caused by false teachings are banished.  Get a copy of this fascinating and daring book.  Learn what the greatest Sexologists have to say about this great question of life.  Read the apt and brilliant comments of Dr. Robinson.

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#Partial Table of Contents#

Misalliances and unhappy marriages:  an important but never referred to cause

Sexual abstinence and nervousness

Coitus interruptus as cause of nervous disease

Sexual hypochondria and morbid scrupulousness

Double standard of morality

Continence in the two sexes

Is it really impossible to make prostitution harmless?

A problem in sexual ethics

Eugenics, sexual sin, ignorance, and superstition

Is Platonic love normal?

Female sex instinct in relation to morality

Regulation of offspring and sexual morality

Coitus and nightmares

Distinctions between male and female sex instinct

Death during sexual intercourse

False accusation of rape

Strikes against marriage in ancient times

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