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This volume is not something to be read once, and then put aside and forgotten.  It should be studied, experimented upon, read again and again, especially by those who have difficulties in married life to overcome.  And for all young married people, it should be a sort of Guide to Happiness that should be frequently consulted and its directions “tried out” and followed to the limit.

The fact is that, in true marriage, neither the husband nor the wife can be selfishly supreme.  If selfishness asserts itself, on the part of either husband or wife, hell is sure to follow.  There can be no true marriage under such circumstances, because there is no supremacy in true love, and it is only true love that can make an abiding true marriage.  In true marriage, such as both God and Nature design should be, there is perfect comradery, equals walking with equals, with the principle of love and mutual helpfulness shared alike by both.  Let no reader of this book forget these primal facts, or fail to act in accordance with them!  For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!



By Dr. William J. Robinson

416 Pages



No matter what books you have read on sex information, no matter what question is agitating your mind, the information given in this wonderful book will solve your problem.  Dr. Robinson not only gives a full treatise on the delicate formation of woman’s wonderful body, but he also explains the changes which follow the intimate experiences of her sexual life.  Men as well as women must know what these changes are.  No one, married or single, can afford to be ignorant of the knowledge contained in this wonderful book.  One woman writes:  “Woman:  Her Sex and Love Life has been a life saver to me.  It has prevented a serious error that would have been a blot upon my life.”


Reasons why a misstep in a girl is more serious than in a boy

Sex knowledge of paramount importance to girls and women

The wife’s attitude toward the marital relations

The female sex organs

The sex instinct

How to keep a husband’s love

Who may and may not marry

Advice to girls approaching womanhood

Illegitimate motherhood

Advice to parents of unfortunate girls

What is love?

Late marriages and chastity in men

Harmful advice to young women

Birth control

Regarding flirtation

What a girl has a right to demand of her future husband

Advice to the married or those about to be

Importance of first few weeks of married life

Infatuation mistaken for love

Woman as man’s chattel

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