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Many pregnant women are more than usually passionate during the period of gestation.  This is especially the case when the wife is happy in her condition, when she rejoices with exceeding great joy that she is on the way to experience the divine crown of wifehood—­maternity!  When such a woman desires her husband in love’s embrace, it is cruel to deprive her of her longed-for delight.

Again, a wife, unpregnant, and when she rightfully wishes to remain so, may be somewhat fearful of becoming pregnant when she meets her husband, and so hesitate to give her passion full play, thereby missing the utmost delights of an embrace—­but if she be pregnant, and so has no fear on this score, she can give herself up to utter abandonment to her impulses.

On this point, the final word is, use common sense, in a spirit of absolute MUTUALITY.

It goes without saying that it would be wicked, not to say a crime, for a husband to compel his wife to engage in coitus during pregnancy, against her will.  On the other hand, many a wife has first experienced an orgasm when meeting her husband during pregnancy.  The reason for this is that her fear of becoming pregnant is not then present—­a condition which has before kept her from the climax.

It is further true that many a wife will greatly relieve and delight her husband if, on occasion, and as both may desire, she will relieve him with her hand; or sometimes, that they engage in mutual relief by this means during pregnancy.



In closing this volume, the author wishes to say, as in opening, that no apology is offered for what has been written or said herewith.  All has been set down in love, by a lover, for the sake of lovers yet to be, in the hope of helping them on towards a divine consummation.

As a final direction Master the Art of Love, which is the divinest art in all the world; then study, and do your best to master the Science of Procreation.  It is these two, the Art of Love and the Science of Procreation, that, together, make married life a success.  Without these, or, surely, without the first, there can be no such thing as true marriage.  Hence, this is the first to learn, to master.  It is worthy of the most careful study, the most faithful experiment.

It is right for people who never can have children to marry, and to share with each other mutual sex delights.  It is far better for a husband and wife, having learned the Art of Love, to have children—­and a home.

Thrice happy are the married lovers who live in the spirit of this sentiment, exalted to the highest spiritual plane; and if, out of such love exchanges children are begotten and born, and a perfect home is established, then married life is worth living.  God has joined such together and nothing can put them asunder.

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