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This brings us to another item in the matter of sexual exercise on the part of the husband and wife, as follows:—­

It should be the constant aim and endeavor of both parties to continually lift all sex affairs above the plane of animality, mere physical gratification, into the realm of mental and spiritual delight.  To this end, let it be said at once that such a condition can be reached, in the greatest degree, by the practice of what is known, in scientific terms, as “coitus reservatus," which, translated, means going only part of the way in the act, and not carrying it to its climax, the orgasm.  Described in terms with which the reader is now familiar, it means, carrying the act only through the first and second stages, the “courting” stage, and the union of the organs, and stopping there!  This may seem, at first thought, neither right nor wise, but, as a matter of fact, it is both, as thousands of most happily married people have proved.

Going a bit into details, this act of “reservatus” really unites the first two parts of the act into a common whole, making it simply one continuous piece of “courting,” merely that, and nothing more.  It is almost entirely a mental and spiritual love-embrace; and in its perfection, it exalts the husband and wife to the topmost heights of mental and spiritual enjoyment and expression.

To engage in this form of coitus, not nearly the effort should be made to arouse the sexual passions of either of the parties, as has already been described as fitting for complete coitus. The orgasm is not the desideratum in this case, but it is just a delightful expression of mutual love.  It is a sort of prolonged and all-embracing kiss, in which the sex organs are included as well as the lips.  They kiss each other, as the lips kiss each other.  It is “courting,” par excellence, without the hampering of clothes or conventionality of any kind.

In this act, the lovers simply drift, petting each other, chatting with each other, visiting, loving, caressing in any one or all of a thousand ways.  The hands “wander idly over the body,” the husband’s right hand being specially free and in perfect position to stroke his wife’s back, her hips, her legs, and pet her from top to toe.

As this part of the act continues, it is the most natural thing in the world that the sex organs should tumesce, and that there should be a flow of both prostatic and pre-coital fluids.  That is, the organs quietly and naturally make themselves ready for meeting.  And when they are duly tumescent, are properly enlarged and lubricated, let the wife come over into her lover’s arms, IN THE SECOND POSITION described, and the organs be slipped together easily, delightfully, and then, let them stay so, fully together, but do not go on with the third part of the act, the motion of the organs.  Just lie still and enjoy the embrace, kiss, chat, court, love, dream, enjoy!

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