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In such cases, the mis-matching usually arises from the fact that the penis of the husband is too long for the vagina of the wife.  This is very apt to be the case where the wife is of the “dumpy” sort, with a small mouth and short fingers, while the husband is “gangling,” large mouthed and long fingered.  These are facts that ought to be taken into account before marriage, and which should figure in determining whether the parties are “suited” to each other.  They would be regarded in this way, too, if they were generally known, as they most surely are not.  Here is another place where ignorance and “innocence” get in their work, and make trouble in married life!

In such a case as this, the too-long penis, when fully inserted in the too-short vagina, and especially when, at the orgasm, the two organs are crowded together vigorously, as the impulse of both parties demands they should be at this part of the act, the end of the penis is driven against the rear walls of the vagina, often furiously, thus stretching and straining the vaginal passage longitudinally, pressing against the womb unnaturally, and not infrequently pushing it out of place and sometimes rupturing the uterine tract seriously, hence causing all sorts of unfortunate and greatly-to-be-regretted results.

Because of such danger, the first meeting of the husband and wife should be accomplished with the utmost care, especially in the second part of the act, the first putting together of the organs.  This is the only way of determining, in each case, how the organs will “fit,” and happy are the parties thereto if such fit is found to be perfect!

But if it should turn out that there is a mismatching, of the nature just described, the conditions can be adjusted if the right means are used.

(Before telling this, however, it should be stated that the relative size of the sex organs can never be fully judged of by the size of the body of a man or a woman.  Many a small man has an abnormally large and long penis, and many a little woman has a large vulva and a long vagina; and the reverse of all this is true, in the case of many men and women.  These items in the count are among the things that can never be known with certainty except by actual trial, and this is not possible, as things are now.)

And so, if “mis-matching” is found to exist, in any given case, it can be provided for, in most cases as follows: 

Instead of taking the position for coitus which has already been described—­the woman on her back and the man over and above her—­let this be done:  Let the man lie on his left side, or partly on his left side and partly on his back, facing the woman, his left leg drawn up so that the thigh makes an angle of 45 degrees with the body, and the knee bent at about the same angle.  Now let her, lying on her right side, mount into his arms, in this way:  Let her place her right hip in the angle made by her husband’s left thigh and his

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