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She may shrink from what she feels must come; she may put her hands over her eyes to shut out the sight; but do not forget that she is a woman, and so is filled with curiosity, under any and all circumstances!  And you may set it down as sure, that, though she blinds herself with her hands as she scales the dizzy heights you are leading her over, nevertheless, she will peek through her fingers! So she will watch you with most critical eyes, and note every show of selfishness or blundering on your part!  So have a care! You may think you are aiming your arrow at the sun.  See to it that it does not alight in the mud!” Good words these, and to be heeded, come what may!

As a rule, if the bride be a virgin, it is well to let plenty of time elapse before engaging in the full act of coitus! Delay here will lead to a possible loving speed, later on.  The young people should take time enough to get better acquainted with each other than ever before; to become, in a measure, accustomed to the uncovered presence of each other, and to the new possibilities of “courting” and “playing together” that their new conditions offer.  In any case, full coitus should not be attempted till the bride is at least willing.  If she can be brought to become anxious for the meeting, so much the better.

And so, with plenty of time taken for making ready for the act, we come to the first union of the organs for a newly married couple, the bride being a virgin.  And here is where an explanation is called for.

The vulva, or external part of the female sex organs, is a mouth shaped aperture, located laterally between the forward part of the thighs.  In shape, size and structure, it much resembles the external parts of the mouth proper.  It begins just in front of the anus, and extends forward above the pubic bone and a little ways up the belly.  Its entire lateral length is about four or more inches.

This organ is made up of several parts, as follows:  The lips, or labiae, as they are technically known, the clitoris, and the vaginal opening.  The lips are a double row, two on either side, and are known as labiae major and labiae minor, that is, the thicker and thinner, or larger and smaller lips.  They extend almost the entire length of the vulva, the outer lips folding over the inner ones when the thighs are together.  The outer parts of the larger lips are covered with hair.  In thickness and quality these labiae are much like the lips of the face of each individual, a large mouth and thick lips indicate a large vulva and thick labiae and vice-versa.  The clitoris is a gland that is located forward, on the upper part of the vulva.  It corresponds, almost exactly, in make-up and function, with the glans penis of the male organ.  The vaginal opening is at the rear, or lower part of the vulva, and leads directly into the vagina proper.

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